Your Ride Can Be as Smooth as You Are

The latest mid-size SUV crossover Saab 9-4X is displayed at the 2011 RAI Autoshow in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Michel Porro/Getty Images

It seems like some SUVs have enough space to pick up everyone you know and everything they own, but those same SUVs also seem to pick up every bump in the road. SUVs tend to have rough rides. That's because of how they're built. SUVs tend to have body-on-frame construction. In this type of construction, the body of the car is welded to a frame. That frame is strong, allowing the SUV to tackle rough off-road trails. This type of construction is also sometimes called truck based, because it's how trucks are built. In essence, SUVS are trucks with an enclosed cargo area.

SUVs also have suspensions that are rugged, so they can go off-road and tow heavy loads. Those suspensions aren't meant to soak up bumps -- they're meant to get over them. As a result, riding in an SUV can be rough and jarring, particularly if the road surface isn't perfect.

Crossovers, on the other hand, are built on car platforms, which are designed with a smooth ride in mind. Their suspensions are meant to soak up road imperfections, and allow for smooth handling. The result is a ride that's a lot quieter and more comfortable than what you find in most SUVs. When you want to hit the road without having it hit you back, a crossover is a more comfortable choice than an SUV.