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Car Manufacturer Profiles

You know the names, but you may not the history behind some of the biggest automobile makers out there. Learn about the good, the bad and the ugly on car manufacturers.

How Eagle Cars Work

Eagle was formed by Chrysler from the defunct American Motors Corporation. Chrysler inherited the right to use the Eagle name on their cars after buying AMC. Learn why Chrysler bought the name from Renault and what they did with it.

How Nash Cars Work

Many of Nash Motors' early cars were beautifully styled with several special features. Read about these cars and the company's origin in this article. See more »

How Marmon Cars Work

Marmon produced a line of exceedingly well-built but expensive cars. Learn how the Depression kept Marmon from being a household name. See more »

How Muntz Cars Work

The Muntz Jet was built on a dream: Find out why a one-shot car by a small company ultimately couldn't compete with established automakers. See more »

How Pierce-Arrow Cars Work

Pierce-Arrow originally fared poorly due to high prices, but somehow managed to stay afloat during the depression. Find out how. See more »

How Crosley Cars Work

Crosley cars -- small, bare-bones, and inexpensive -- were unique to the 1930s car market. Learn about the origins of Crosley cars in this article. See more »

How Edsel Cars Work

Edsel is a case of a good idea happening at the wrong time. Learn about the road blocks that kept Edsel from greatness. See more »

How Essex Cars Work

Essex manufactured cars for Hudson that were actually so well-received the name was dropped from common use. Find out why. See more »

How Franklin Cars Work

Early Franklin cars emphasized the company's aviation background, and were popularized by famous pilots. Find out how this helped Franklin stay aloft. See more »

How Frazer Cars Work

The Frazer company was a marriage of Joseph Frazer's sales skill and Henry J. Kaiser's resources. Learn how this partnership worked out. See more »

How Graham Cars Work

Graham debuted a barrage of cars after their inception, from town cars to limousines. Learn how the public reacted to this automotive newcomer. See more »