You know the names, but you may not the history behind some of the biggest automobile makers out there. Learn about the good, the bad and the ugly on car manufacturers.
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How Stutz Cars Work

Stutz formed in 1912 and quickly earned a reputation for fast race-worthy cars. Stutz introduced America to an early form of the sports car. Learn how they made the switch to consumer cars and why.

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  • The Ultimate Art Deco Car Quiz

    The Ultimate Art Deco Car Quiz

    Cars from the Art Deco era were about more than just simple transportation. They were expressions of high style accessible only to the most affluent of people. Do you think you're good enough to be an Art Deco car expert? See more »

  • What is an art deco car?

    What is an art deco car?

    Take a look back to an extravagant and optimistic time when outrageous cars ruled the world. A time when automobiles weren't just about simple transportation -- they were about bold statements and high style. See more »

  • 11 Design Innovations of Harley Earl

    11 Design Innovations of Harley Earl

    Harley Earl has been called the father of American automotive design. See our list of 11 design innovations of Harley Earl such as the Wraparound Windshield and the Auto-Styling Studio to find out why. See more »

  • Classic Cars

    Classic Cars

    Classic cars span decades and continents to capture the highest achievements in automotive art and engineering. Learn about hundreds of great classic cars from 1930 to today in these richly illustrated articles. See more »

  • How Allstate Cars Work

    How Allstate Cars Work

    Allstate cars were a short-lived experiment conducted by Sears to try to break into the automobile industry. Allstates are extremely rare today, and thus more desired by collectors. Learn about Allstate's mail-order car. See more »

  • How AMC Cars Work

    How AMC Cars Work

    AMC was born from the failing Rambler company. They became a distinct make in 1966. Learn how AMC built the Gremlin and Javelin, bought out Jeep, and was in turn bought out by Chrysler. See more »

  • How American Austin Cars Work

    How American Austin Cars Work

    The 1930 Austin American Roadster was more of a novelty than transportation. American Austin made midget cars more than a foot shorter than the VW Beetle. Learn why even a starring movie role couldn't sell American Austins. See more »

  • How Auburn Cars Work

    How Auburn Cars Work

    Though the Auburns best remembered today were built in the '30s and late '20s, the marque was established way back in 1903. That's when brothers Frank and Morris Eckhart began selling an $800 chain-drive runabout with a single-cylinder engine. See more »

  • How Avanti Cars Work

    How Avanti Cars Work

    Avanti splintered off from the Studebaker name in 1965 and since that time has gone through a series of owners. Avanti II gained success by being hand-built for each customer. Learn about the history of Avanti. See more »

  • How Checker Cars Work

    How Checker Cars Work

    Checker is best known for specially designing taxicabs and airport limousines. They later built cars like the Superba and Marathon for the public. Find out more about Checker cars. See more »

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