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Car Manufacturer Profiles

You know the names, but you may not the history behind some of the biggest automobile makers out there. Learn about the good, the bad and the ugly on car manufacturers.

How Cord Cars Work

Cord produced cars for only 10 years, but they are deemed to be some of the best ever built. The man behind it all was Errett Lobban Cord. Read about the Cord company and its cars in this article.

What is an art deco car?

What is an art deco car? Read about art deco cars and classic car design of the 1920s, '30s and '40s. See more »

11 Design Innovations of Harley Earl

Harley Earl has been called the father of American automotive design. See our list of 11 design innovations of Harley Earl to find out why. See more »

Classic Cars

Classic cars from the world over are featured in richly illustrated articles. Learn about more than 400 classic cars, from the 1930s through today. See more »

How Stutz Cars Work

Early Stutz cars relied heavily on their racing image, but eventually evolved into highly sought-after consumer cars. Find out how. See more »

Hupp reached its peak in the late 1920s, and buyers responded well to their slick new designs. Learn more about classic Hupmobiles. See more »

How Cord Cars Work

Cord entered the 1920s with a car that was a success -- the Cord Auburn -- and one that should have been -- the Cord L-29. Read more in this article. See more »

How Kaiser Cars Work

The Kaiser company started with its first prototype -- the 1946 K-85. Read about the K-85 and the origins of the Kaiser company. See more »

How Henry J Cars Work

Henry J. Kaiser, a former partner of Joseph Frazer, borrowed money to design a car after their partnership dissolved. Learn about the Henry J's fate. See more »

How Hudson Cars Work

An early success for the Hudson company was the low-priced four-cylinder 1919 Hudson Essex. Read about the cars of Hudson's origin in this article. See more »

How LaSalle Cars Work

LaSalle helped Cadillac make it through the Depression on top by providing affordable companions to the luxurious Caddys. Find out how they did it. See more »