Car Engine Videos
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How Car Engines Work: The Engine Cylinder Block
This video defines the main structure of a cylinder block and its components, as well as the materials used in the manufacturing process.
Massive Engines: Diesel Engine Evolution
In this clip from Discovery Channel's "Massive Engines," host Chris Barrie highlights the evolution of the diesel truck engine with a look at the humble beginnings of a 1935 six cylinder Leyland.
MythBusters: Trail Blazers
Can a defibrillator actually jumpstart your car? Watch as the MythBusters find out.
Some Assembly Required: BMW Particulate Filter
The Particulate Filter captures pollutant particles from the engine and miraculously burns them into clean vapor. Learn how the Particulate Filter works on Discovery Channel's "Some Assembly Required."
Some Assembly Required: BMW Redesigned Pistons
Instead of burning fuel outside a flat face, this piston burns fuel inside a recessed cavity making it more fuel-efficient overall. Learn more about the BMW redesigned engine and piston on Discovery Channel's "Some Assembly Required."
Some Assembly Required: BMW Turbo Charger
Turbo chargers pack more air into the cylinders so the engine can burn more fuel each cycle. Learn more about BMW engines in this clip from "Some Assembly Required" on Discovery Channel.
Understanding: Car Engine Basics
Using a special engine cam, get an introduction to the basic functions and operations of a car engine on TLC's "Understanding."
Understanding: Car Engine Designs
The biggest production engine ever made had 16 cylinders. Learn more about car engines on TLC's "Understanding."
Understanding: Computer Chip Based Car Engines
Engine and fuel functions previously controlled by mechanical and vacuum connections are now controlled by computers. Learn more about computer chips and car manufacturers on TLC's "Understanding."