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Call 911: Car Accident
In this Investigation Discovery video, a man clings to his life while trapped under a vehicle. Emergency personnel and 911 operators must work together in order to save his life.
Call 911: Car Accident Audio
In this Investigation Discovery video, listen to audio from a real 911 call. A man fights for his life after a car falls on his face, and it's up to 911 dispatchers to locate him in a junk car lot.
CDC Uses OnStar to Help Car Crash Responders
Watch this video about OnStar and car crashes work on HowStuffWorks. In 2005, Americans were involved in more than six million police-reported traffic crashes, in which more than 40,000 people were killed and more than two million people were injured. Gen
Destroyed in Seconds: Full Speed in Reverse
After being pulled over by police, an elderly driver forgets to shift into drive when it's time to pull out. Watch this video from Discovery Channel's "Destroyed in Seconds."
Destroyed in Seconds: Madman Stuntman
On this clip from Discovery Channel's, "Destroyed in Seconds," a fearless stunt driver attempts a record-breaking 250 foot jump over trucks, cars, and fire cannon.
Future Car: Future Car Safety Features
On Discovery Channel's "Future Car," learn how safety features in cars will improve drastically in the future with new technology such as computer aided collision avoidance systems.
Future Car: Safety Sensors
The cars of the future are expected to be equipped with safety sensors that make driving even safer. Learn more about this technology on Discovery Channel's "Future Car."
MythBusters: 100mph Impact
What happens during a 100mph impact? Tune in and find out.
Untold Stories of the E.R.: There's a Pipe in My Head?
Andy Linn speaks with the crew about how he survived having a pipe protruding through his head following a car accident.
World's Toughest Trucker: To The Rescue
Fifteen minutes into the race truckers Zola and Shane discover an accident and call for medical assistant. Will Zola and Shane lose their time for stopping to help or will the clock stop in their favor?
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