How the C7 Corvette Works

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Author's Note: How the C7 Corvette Works

When the new Chevrolet Corvette actually hits showroom floors and the hype starts to calm down, something else will come along to take its place. It has to. That's how the automotive industry keeps churning along. And that's how the peripheral industries, like the automotive media, find a way to exist at all.

For a few precious years, I spent a lot of time around auto media types -- and when they weren't gossiping and infighting and backstabbing, they occasionally talked about cars. Some writers and editors were genuinely excited about the opportunity to drive a hot new model before the general population; others were either too burned out to care, or trying too hard to look badass. It happens.

But automotive media got hit hard by an ill-timed double whammy -- the decline of print journalism was under way as the domestic car industry faced its near collapse. There are still a handful of print magazines, and there are more blogs than ever. Considering how frequently bloggers have to post to stay on top of their readers' news feeds, it's clear that they really need the news cycles generated by new model release updates and rumors. Another group to consider is the spy photographers -- the shutterbugs who camp out in the well-known car testing haunts (often in the desert) hoping to score some clear shots of test mules doing their thing. Those photos are quickly sold and immediately end up splashed across blogs, setting off a whole new round of discussion.

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