2000s NASCAR Season Recaps

2000s NASCAR season recaps include highlights and statistics of NASCAR races during the 2000s. Learn more on the 2000s NASCAR Season Recaps Channel.

2007 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Results

In 2007, Jimmie Johnson squeaked out a win, despite some team problems. Check out this page for the full 2007 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Results.

2008 NASCAR Sprint Series Recap

2008 was Jimmy Johnson's year. Get a full recap, timeline and breakdown of the 2008 Sprint Cup Series right here.

2008 NASCAR Sprint Series Results

2008 market the 50th running of the Daytona 500. Get the full points breakdown for this emotional year in NASCAR.

2007 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Recap

Jimmy Johnson dominated the 2007 NASCAR Sprint Cup Season, but the road to victory had some bumps along the way. Relive the 2007 NASCAR season in this season recap.

2005 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Results

NASCAR's 2005 NEXTEL Cup winner Tony Stewart was decided by the very last race. Unfortunately, two of NASCAR's biggest stars -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Jeff Gordon --failed to make the Chase. Review the exciting season with our 2005 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup results.

2006 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Results

Despite challenge from Matt Kenseth, Jimmie Johnson nabbed the 2006 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup. Johnson won six races this season and finally put enough consistency together to win the championship. Review each race with our 2006 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup results.

2001 NASCAR Winston Cup Results

Jeff Gordon won in a NASCAR season touched by tragedy with the death of Dale Earnhardt. Earnhardt was killed on the final lap of the Daytona 500 when his car hit the wall at 200 miles per hour. Review each race with our 2001 NASCAR Winston Cup results.

2002 NASCAR Winston Cup Results

Several drivers fought for the NASCAR championship in 2002, but Tony Stewart prevailed. Six drivers battled for one of the closest championship chases NASCAR had ever seen. Review the races with our 2002 NASCAR Winston Cup results.

2003 NASCAR Winston Cup Results

Matt Kenseth used a number of top 10 finishes to win the 2003 NASCAR Winston Cup. Because he had the championship locked before the final race even started, NASCAR looked into changing the point system. Review the races with our 2003 NASCAR Winston Cup results.

2004 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Results

A new title sponsor and a new points system kicked up the competition to the 2004 NASCAR season. NEXTEL became the new sponsor and NASCAR unveiled the Chase to the NEXTEL Cup playoff system. Review each race with our 2004 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup results.