NASCAR drivers are fearless yet highly skilled and trained. To become a NASCAR driver, you have to work your way up through the smaller tracks and prove your skills in a variety of tests. See what it takes to make it to the top and stay there.
Be Your Own Mechanic

Fred Lorenzen

Fred Lorenzen was 15 years old during his first experience in a beefed-up stock car, trying to flip it instead of race it. As a pro driver in 1964, Lorenzen ran five races in which he led 1,679 of 1,953 laps. Learn more about this driven professional.

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  • AJ Allmendinger

    AJ Allmendinger

    AJ Allmendinger is comparatively new to the NASCAR Nextel racing circuit, but he's already made a name for himself around the track. Thanks to several victories and a few Rookie of the Year titles, Allmendinger is gaining in popularity. See more »

  • Brian Vickers

    Brian Vickers

    Brian Vickers could not have asked for a better backdrop for his childhood as an up-and-coming NASCAR racer. He was born in Thomasville, NC, near the major hub of the NASCAR universe. See more »

  • Dave Blaney

    Dave Blaney

    Though racing runs in Dave Blaney's family (his father and grandfather both dabbled in motorsports), he wasn't interested in stock car racing initially. But NASCAR initially pulled him in, and he's been a successful driver ever since. See more »

  • David Reutimann

    David Reutimann

    Some people race for fun, some race for money. For others, racing is simply in their blood. David Reutimann is one of those drivers. See more »

  • David Starr

    David Starr

    After earning his first win in the first year of his dirt track racing, it only makes sense that David Starr would go on to spend more than two decades in racing and more than a decade in NASCAR. See more »

  • David Stremme

    David Stremme

    Not many people can claim to have won a major stock car race -- especially at the age of 15 driving their mother's car. Although David Stremme can, the officials at the New Paris Speedway disqualified him when they discovered his young age. See more »

  • Denny Hamlin

    Denny Hamlin

    Denny Hamlin is a relatively new name in the world of NASCAR -- 2005 was his first full season. But racing is nothing new to Hamlin. He recorded his first karting win at the age of seven and went on to win 127 features over the course of his career. See more »

  • J.J. Yeley

    J.J. Yeley

    Some of J.J Yeley's earliest memories are of traveling throughout the United States and spending his days in the grandstands bragging to the other kids that his father was a racer. See more »

  • Jason Leffler

    Jason Leffler

    In 1999, Jason Leffler did something that hadn't been done in 37 years. He won his third consecutive National Midget title. He was at the top of his game and top of the record books. See more »

  • Joey Logano

    Joey Logano

    Joey Logano is one of NASCAR's brightest rising stars. If the nickname "Sliced Bread" doesn't clue you in, he's the next best thing to come around the race track in quite a while. See more »

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