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NASCAR Drivers

NASCAR drivers are fearless yet highly skilled and trained. To become a NASCAR driver, you have to work your way up through the smaller tracks and prove your skills in a variety of tests. See what it takes to make it to the top and stay there.

Mark Martin

Mark Martin has displayed incredible tolerance for pain, continuing to race despite broken bones, intense back pain and the death of his father, stepmother and half sister in a plane crash. Read more about this NASCAR veteran.

Michael McDowell

Though he might be just out of his rookie year of NASCAR, Michael McDowell has already made big headlines and managed several national television appearances. See more »

Mike Wallace

Mike Wallace continued a family tradition when he entered his first NASCAR race in 1990 -- $17 million later, he's still going strong. See more »

Ted Musgrave

Ted Musgrave has been behind the wheel of many different vehicles and has participated in each of the three major NASCAR racing divisions. His longest career was in the Winston Cup Series, where he raced from 1990 to 2003. See more »

Michael Waltrip

When many of today's young NASCAR drivers were barely old enough to push a matchbox car, Michael Waltrip was already racing for NASCAR -- and he hasn't stopped since. See more »

Terry Cook

Terry Cook has been a NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series driver for almost 15 years. Yet, in 2008, Cook earned the Featherlite "Most Improved Driver" title. See more »

Phillip McGilton

Phillip McGilton may not have started racing as early as some of his contemporaries, but he wasn't wasting his time either. By the age of 25, McGilton created PJM Enterprises, even as he explored racing. See more »

Todd Bodine

Though he grew up in a family of drivers and racetrack owners, the racing bug did not infect Todd Bodine until he was 13 years old. Seeing his older brothers Geoff and Brett race was an inspiration to him to get behind the wheel himself. See more »

AJ Allmendinger

AJ Allmendinger is comparatively new to the NASCAR Nextel racing circuit, but he's already made a name for himself around the track. Thanks to several victories and a few Rookie of the Year titles, Allmendinger is gaining in popularity. See more »

Dave Blaney

Though racing runs in Dave Blaney's family (his father and grandfather both dabbled in motorsports), he wasn't interested in stock car racing initially. But NASCAR initially pulled him in, and he's been a successful driver ever since. See more »

David Stremme

Not many people can claim to have won a major stock car race -- especially at the age of 15 driving their mother's car. Although David Stremme can, the officials at the New Paris Speedway disqualified him when they discovered his young age. See more »