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Motorsports attract fans around the world with a variety of vehicles and competitions. Learn about drifting and other types of motorsports in the Motorsports Channel.

How Gymkhana Works

All forms of auto racing require some level of driver skill in order to remain competitive. But gymkhana isn't just a test of a driver's physical skills -- it's also a complex mental challenge.

How the TTXGP Carbon Free Grand Prix Works

The Isle of Man TT circuit has been the site of high-speed motorcycle races since 1907. But in 2009 a different type of motorcycle race tore through the narrow, winding streets: the TTXGP Grand Prix.

How Evel Knievel Worked

Evel Knievel was the motorcycle daredevil that motivated an entire generation of kids to jump their bicycles over anything and everything -- even when the odds were against a successful landing.

Formula One: The Need for Speed

These single-seat, open-wheeled cars rely on V-8 engines that can produce more than 900 horsepower. The cars, and the fearless drivers who navigate them, represent the pinnacle of formula racing, so take a look at pictures of these incredible machines. It may be the closest you ever get.

How Super Truck Racing Works

Imagine an 8-foot tall, 8-foot wide, 12,000-pound diesel-powered truck hurling around the Nurburgring just inches from other trucks at 100 miles per hour. Sounds exciting, right? You bet it is.

What will race cars look like in 2025?

Each year race cars become faster and safer. Can you imagine what they'll look like in the year 2025? A few designers took a shot at it recently.

What if Formula One racetracks were loop shaped?

Most racetracks around the world are in an oval shape. But if you could keep the racecars going over 200 mph, the tracks could feasibly be any shape you wanted.

How Formula One Works

Formula One racing is one of the most popular sports in the world, appealing to millions of fans and attracting huge sponsorships. Why? It satisfies our fundamental need for the thrill of high-speed travel.

How Drifting Works

In drifting, drivers force their car to slide sideways through a turn, and professional drifters can accomplish a true driving contradiction: They can control what happens when their tires no longer grip the road.