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Motorsports attract fans around the world with a variety of vehicles and competitions. Learn about drifting and other types of motorsports in the Motorsports Channel.

How Go-kart Racing Works

If your idea of kart racing is based on the go-karts found parked in front of your local hardware store -- well, you're in for a sweet surprise. True racing karts are serious competitive machines.

How the TTXGP Carbon Free Grand Prix Works

The TTXGP Grand Prix is a time-trial motorcycle race that pits carbon-free motorcycles head-to-head. Read about the TTXGP Grand Prix on the Isle of Man. See more »

How Evel Knievel Worked

Evel Knievel was the motorcycle daredevil that motivated an entire generation of kids. Read the story of Evel Knievel and learn about his legacy. See more »

Formula One: The Need for Speed

How much do you know about Formula One? Check out our Formula One pictures and learn all about the cars and the fearless drivers who navigate them. See more »

How Super Truck Racing Works

Super truck racing is a popular sport in Europe, though it hasn't caught on as well in the U.S. Read all about super truck racing in this article. See more »

What will race cars look like in 2025?

What will race cars look like in 2025? Check out what some of today's top designers think race cars could look like in 2025. See more »

What if Formula One racetracks were loop shaped?

If Formula One tracks were loop shaped instead of flat on the ground, what would happen? Learn about Formula One tracks in this article. See more »

How Formula One Works

Formula One is one of the most popular sports in the world. Learn about Formula One and find out what separates Formula One from other racing leagues. See more »

How Drifting Works

Drifting is a style of racing that was born on the mountain roads of Japan in the 1990s. Learn about drifting and find out how drift racing competitions work. See more »