Car Rope Walking

Liu Suozhu from China's Henan province drives a car on two steel ropes above the Miluo River in Pingjiang, central China's Hunan province, on April 27, 2008.

AP Photo/Xinhua, Long Hongtao

Some stunt car feats don't involve ramps, jumping or even speed. In 2008, a Chinese stuntman named Liu Suozhu successfully drove his car across the Miluo River in China while balancing the vehicle on two steel cables.

It took Suozhu, also called "The Car King," 30 minutes to drive his vehicle across the cables suspended 150 feet (45.7 meters) over the river. He moved slowly to ensure that all four tires remained on the cables. Only two months of preparation were involved in the stunt, and the driver said that the hardest part was the last few minutes when the steep incline blocked his view rearward, making it difficult to align the rear tires with the cable.

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