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How CO2-powered Dragsters Work

What separates Pinewood Derby cars from CO2 dragsters? Instead of using gravity to pull them down the track (like a Pinewood Derby car) a CO2 dragster has the added advantage of a powerful propulsion system.

Synchronized Driving Is Totally Cool; It Could Even Be Helpful

Synchronized driving may not just be for the "Fast and Furious" among us in the future.

Meet Japan's Secret Street-racing Gang: The Mid Night Club

The first rule of the Mid Night Club? You must have a car that goes over 160 mph.

How Driverless Car Racing Works

With a little more technology tinkering, driverless cars could take over the racetracks.

10 Abandoned Racetracks

From their overgrown grandstands to their dilapidated buildings, racetracks often sit desolate long after they've closed. Though slightly uncanny, these abandoned speedways are reminders of a thrilling, fuel-charged past.

10 Extreme Motor Sports for Thrill Seekers

Sure, driving at speeds over 200 mph sounds risky enough, but the world of motor sports gets even more daring than stock car racing. These extreme races will get your adrenaline pumping and kick your heart rate into high gear.

10 Crashes That Changed Motor Sports Forever

While fatal motor-sports crashes are undoubtedly tragic events, they can lead to better safety regulations and fewer crashes. These 10 harrowing accidents encouraged the sport to better protect its drivers and fans.

10 Banned Race Cars

Sometimes a race car's extreme speed is its downfall. "Too good to be true" was a reality for many of these race cars — and it got them banned.

Why are peanuts unlucky in auto racing?

It sounds nutty, but it's true. Peanuts are considered bad luck at auto races, and most professional race car drivers want nothing to do with them down at the race track. How did this superstition start?

How Belly Tank Racers Work

If you're the crafty type, perhaps you've turned an old ladder into a bookshelf or a tube TV into an aquarium. But turning an old gas tank into a race car? Enter the belly tank racer, one of hot rodding's most iconic contraptions.

How a Top Fuel Dragster Works

A Top Fuel dragster accelerates to over 100 miles per hour in less than one second, burns 1.2 gallons of nitromethane (again, per second) and actually registers on the Richter scale as it comes off the line.