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The Ultimate Whiskey Car Quiz

While you may know that NASCAR has its roots in bootlegging, the true history of whiskey cars weaves together strands from history, economics, culture and technology. It's a lot more than just souped up motors and mason jars of moonshine. Test your knowledge of how whiskey cars worked.

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  • 10 Superstitions From the World of Motor Racing

    10 Superstitions From the World of Motor Racing

    Some of these superstitions go beyond the paranoia or predilection of a specific racer. Even the snacks served at concession stands are affected by belief in bad luck. See more »

  • 5 Scariest Stunt Car Feats

    5 Scariest Stunt Car Feats

    Many stunt drivers have taken a car to the edge of destruction (or beyond) in the name of adventure and adrenaline-pumping thrills. We've collected a few of the scariest stunt car feats ever attempted. See more »

  • 5 Unusual Auto Races

    5 Unusual Auto Races

    Tired of watching cars race in a circle hour after hour? Then how about a race where participants build their own cars, chain their bumper to an ambulance or hold a vote to literally crush a competitor's car? See more »

  • How a Top Fuel Dragster Works

    How a Top Fuel Dragster Works

    A Top Fuel dragster accelerates to over 100 miles per hour in less than one second, burns 1.2 gallons of nitromethane (again, per second) and actually registers on the Richter scale as it comes off the line. See more »

  • How Belly Tank Racers Work

    How Belly Tank Racers Work

    If you're the crafty type, perhaps you've turned an old ladder into a bookshelf or a tube TV into an aquarium. But turning an old gas tank into a race car? Enter the belly tank racer, one of hot rodding's most iconic contraptions. See more »

  • How CO2-powered Dragsters Work

    How CO2-powered Dragsters Work

    What separates Pinewood Derby cars from CO2 dragsters? Instead of using gravity to pull them down the track (like a Pinewood Derby car) a CO2 dragster has the added advantage of a powerful propulsion system. See more »

  • How Drifting Works

    How Drifting Works

    In drifting, drivers force their car to slide sideways through a turn, and professional drifters can accomplish a true driving contradiction: They can control what happens when their tires no longer grip the road. See more »

  • How Endurance Racing Works

    How Endurance Racing Works

    Endurance races pack all the excitement of shorter races, but add the drama of catastrophic mechanical failure along with the steady attrition of vehicles as the laws of physics take their toll. See more »

  • How Evel Knievel Worked

    How Evel Knievel Worked

    Evel Knievel was the motorcycle daredevil that motivated an entire generation of kids to jump their bicycles over anything and everything -- even when the odds were against a successful landing. See more »

  • How Formula One Works

    How Formula One Works

    Formula One racing is one of the most popular sports in the world, appealing to millions of fans and attracting huge sponsorships. Why? It satisfies our fundamental need for the thrill of high-speed travel. See more »

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