Check Your Mirrors

Learning how to use and pay close attention to your mirrors while changing lanes will put everything in the right perspective.

Hank Walker/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images

If you've ever driven a larger truck or any vehicle without a rear-view mirror, you might understand the importance of proper side-view mirrors. Without the ability to see the cars behind you by simply looking up, switching lanes becomes a much more dangerous maneuver.

Side-view mirrors typically come in two types: Regular side-view and extended side-view. Regular side-view mirrors are much like the ones you can find on in any car or truck -- they help you see traffic in the lanes directly next to yours. Extended side-view mirrors, on the other hand, let drivers see both rear- and side-approaching traffic. They're usually bigger and taller than regular side-view mirrors, and they're necessary if your tow vehicle is pulling a trailer that completely blocks your rear-view sight.

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