RV in the woods

This RV has plenty of room in the woods, but imagine trying to navigate through crowded city streets.

PNC/Photodisc/Getty Images


Owning a motor home or RV is all about freedom. That is, until you get into a congested area. Then a motor home can seem like a prison. It's hard to take one into urban areas, difficult to park even in the suburbs and not the most fuel efficient way to make a quick grocery run.

The solution for a lot of motor home owners is to tow another car ­with their RV. Once they're at the destination, having an extra car means more freedom -- to go into cities, go out for a nice dinner or even take a day trip away from the RV. But the logistics of towing an extra car can be tricky.

One of the easiest ways to tow a car is with a self-aligning motor home-mounted tow bar. These tow bars are smaller and less expensive than trailers or dollies. They're also sometimes called "marriage savers" because unlike other towing accessories, they're very easy to hook up. The motor home and the car being towed need only be hooked together. Once the motor home sets off, the self-aligning bars fold and lock into place, keeping the car correctly aligned and the right distance from the RV.