Brake controller monitors tell how fast a vehicle is going, show how much braking power the system is applying to the trailer and whether or not there are any warnings.


Brake Controller Monitors

Sometimes simply hooking up a brake controller to your trailer isn't enough reassurance. It helps to know how much brake power you're applying during a stop or whether the trailer brakes are even functioning at all. Brake controllers almost always have some type of monitor built in, which, if placed correctly -- often under the instrument panel, near the driver's right leg -- is easily viewable from the driver's seat.

Digital display screens show the voltage delivery going from the brake controller to the trailer's brakes. The more you press down on the brake pedal, the more power will go toward the trailer's brakes; if you give the pedal a softer touch, less power goes to the trailer's brakes. The brake controller monitor reflects the amount of pressure and power you're applying to the brakes. Brake controller monitors help you make sure your trailer is properly connected and will notify you of any electrical problems that could put you in danger.

As technology improves, newer brake controllers, specifically electronic ones, offer more monitoring options. Some models come with LCD screens that give specific, continuous diagnostics and important warning signals to drivers. Often, displays are customizable, with language options in not just English but French and Spanish -- some even offer color choices.