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Rebuilt by NAPA Know How: Part 1
When NAPA Auto Parts asked Ryan Friedlinghaus of West Coast Customs to rebuild a car using all-NAPA parts, he decided to start with a 1967 Chevy Camaro. In this clip, Hunter returns with the car and the build begins.
Rebuilt by NAPA Know How: Part 2
In the second part of this series, Ryan Friedlinghaus assembles the crew for their first look at the Camaro. As the crew plans for the rebuild, they divide up and get to work. And, of course, before they rebuild the car, they have to break it down.
Rebuilt by NAPA Know How: Part 3
Once the car has been broken down, shop manager Kenny explains how they're dividing up the parts of the vehicle to send them off to the paint shop. Daniel also explains how the shop will restore the engine using high-performance parts.
Rebuilt by NAPA Know How: Part 4
After the parts have been coated with NAPA's signature colors, the crew gets together to reassemble the vehicle. It's in rough shape. Luckily, the crew has loads of new NAPA parts -- and the restored engine will be better than before.
Rebuilt by NAPA Know How: Part 5
As the crew enters the final stages of the build, the engine has been completely restored and the car's body has been saved. Now it's time to paint. Watch as the crew consults NAPA's paint experts and brings the design from the page into reality.
Rebuilt by NAPA Know How: Part 6
Now that the engine and the chassis are together, it's time for some finishing touches before the crew takes the car on the road. This includes everything from fine detailing to a lavish interior, a customized sound system and top-notch wheels.
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