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Toyota Tundra: Making of Killer Heat
This behind-the-scenes video is a look into the four-month process of creating the latest Toyota Tundra commercial: "Killer Heat." From testing to building to shooting, this video is why Toyota is able to put "Actual Demonstration" on every Tundra spot.
Tundra Deconstructed: Engine Advertisement
From our sponsors: After cattle ranchers used a Toyota Tundra for 100,000 miles' worth of hard towing and hauling, Toyota's engineers deconstructed the engine to see how it held up under the pressure. Tune in and learn more about the Tundra.
Tundra Deconstructed: Towing and Hauling Advertisement
From our sponsor: When Toyota asked cattle ranchers to test the Tundra, the ranchers were particularly impressed by the vehicle's suspension. Tune in as the engineers deconstruct the Tundra to see how it held up after 100,000 miles of towing and hauling.
Tundra Deconstructed: Wear and Tear Advertisement
From our sponsor: What happens when Toyota gives a half-ton truck to an cattle rancher that uses it like a three-quarter ton truck over 100,000 miles? Tune in for the answer -- and a close-up look at the Tundra -- in this video.
Turbo: Changing Brake Pads
Check out this clip for expert tips on how to change disc brakes on your own, without visiting a mechanic. Take a look at the rest of the Discovery "Grease Monkey How-to Tips" to learn more tricks of the automotive trade.
Turbo: Inspecting Brake Pads
Follow these tips to inspect your brake pads properly in this video from Discovery Turbo's "Grease Monkey How-to Tips" series. Check out the rest of the series for more tips on all things automotive.