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American Chopper 5: African Safari
In this clip from Discovery Turbo's "American Chopper," the team charges up their latest double build.
American Chopper 5: African Safari
In this clip from Discovery Turbo's "American Chopper," the team charges up their latest double build.
American Chopper 5: Mikey on Guard
In this clip from Discovery Turbo's "American Chopper," the team marches forward with the Army National Guard Patriot Bike.
American Chopper: 10 Hands on Deck
On the final day of assembly for One Call Concepts' 811 Bike, it's all -- ALL -- hands on deck.
American Chopper: A Bike To Remember
New York mayor Bloomberg accepts PJDs 9/11 memorial bike.
American Chopper: A Challenging Chopper
Senior dramatically unveils OCC's first-ever reverse trike before a cheering crowd of Beck's Hybrids employees and dealers.
American Chopper: A Different Michael
Feeling "kind of awkward" and "pretty nervous," Mikey Teutul -- in pants -- steps into the spotlight at the opening of his Wolf Gang art gallery.
American Chopper: A Dying Wish
An American Chopper fan with terminal cancer -- and his son, with whom he fought for years -- visits Paul Jr.'s shop with a message.
American Chopper: A Hot Range
Will Hayden and the Red Jacket Firearms crew invites Rachael, Mikey and Junior to shoot some crazy-big-caliber automatic weapons that you'll have to see to believe.
American Chopper: A Lotta Purple
In honor of their branding, Junior designed a purple bike for the March of Dimes.
American Chopper: A Shocking Retaliation
Continuing the longstanding tradition of pranks at PJD, Cody gets his hand on a zapping device and uses it to "startle" Pete.
American Chopper: A Step Toward Reconciliation?
Paul Sr. and his attorney discuss whether the time is right to reconcile with Paul Jr.
American Chopper: A Ton of Guns
Junior, Rachael and Mikey stop in on Sons of Guns' Will Hayden and the Red Jacket Firearms crew to consult on a piece of "mechanical art" -- a 600-rounds-a-minute, 30-caliber gun.
American Chopper: A Wish Granted
Paul Senior welcomes Matt Garnder, an American Chopper fan and Feather Free Zone associate, to OCC to help on "his" bike.
American Chopper: Accept or Else
Who could resist Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen? See why PJD's first charity bike is in support of Jared Allen's Home for Wounded Warriors.
American Chopper: Adjusting to Fans
In this webisode of Discovery Turbo's "American Chopper," Paul Sr. talks about adjusting to life in front of the camera.
American Chopper: Agonizing Assembly
Senior and Christian lend a hand to ensure that -- despite the complicated assembly -- the Beck's Hybrids Reverse Trike is completed on time.
American Chopper: Aloha Spirit
A direct descendant of Hawaiian royalty visits Mikey and the crew and talks about the aloha spirit.
American Chopper: An Emotional Embrace
A frank conversation with Junior and Senior about their troubled relationship ends --- surprisingly -- in an "I love you" and a hug, sending the Chopper Live crowd to its feet.
American Chopper: An OCC First
For the first time in Orange County Choppers' history, Rick, Mike and Skeeter begin the complicated fabrication that a REVERSE trike (two wheels in front, one in back) requires.
American Chopper: An Odious Attitude
Paul Jr. Designs may not have a lot of employees, but that doesn't mean it's free from attitude ... at least when Odie is around.
American Chopper: And the Winner Is ...
Relive those last few minutes of American Chopper Live: The Build-Off, when Jesse James and the Teutuls awaited YOUR verdict, and the winner -- Paul Teutul Jr. -- was announced.
American Chopper: Ante Is Upped
In a conversation with Beth, Senior reveals why he made a second settlement offer -- a sign of progress that Junior discusses with his own wife, Rachael.
American Chopper: Approximates
The OCC shop must contend with contractual issues and the definition of "replica" in their latest build.
American Chopper: Architecting Inspiration
How do you turn renderings of two world-trade-center towers and one transportation hub into one kick-ass -- and meaningful -- chopper design? Watch and learn.
American Chopper: Architectural Expression
How do you turn renderings of two world-trade-center towers and one transportation hub into one kick-ass -- and meaningful -- chopper design? Watch and learn.
American Chopper: As Is or Bust
When Senior learns that Paulie wants the Black Widow -- a deal point in the settlement -- returned in running condition, he is ... unhappy.
American Chopper: Assembling the FaroArm
Junior and Vinnie unpack and assemble a prototype of the advanced FaroArm "The Edge," which FARO Technologies provided as inspiration for the bike they commissioned.
American Chopper: At Trump Tower
Donald Trump welcomes Senior to Trump Tower to discuss the design for his chopper, and explains why he chose OCC to build the Trump Bike.
American Chopper: Awesome But Ambitious
At Paul Jr. Designs, a toddler's toy sparks an intense brainstorming session that upends the Gears of War Bike's initial steering mechanism and look.
American Chopper: Being like a Rock Star
The star of Turbo's "American Chopper" Paul Teutul Sr. is interviewed about how the success of his show has made him like a rock star.
American Chopper: Biggest Gas Tank On The Planet
Learn more about the biggest gas tank on the planet, then find out whether Mikey, Vinnie and Paulie miss -- and still see -- their former OCC colleague Rick Petko.
American Chopper: Bike Production
Star of "American Chopper" Paul Teutul Sr. is interviewed about how many bikes his shop makes in a year.
American Chopper: Biodiesel? Cheers!
As R&D for their CIMA Green Bike, Senior and Jason get a REAL taste for the process of making biodiesel fuel. (Pun intended.)
American Chopper: Black Widow and Power Probe
In the Aftershow, Senior and the crew talk about the return of the Black Widow and the Power Probe bike.
American Chopper: Black Widow in Pieces
As part of its restoration and re-branding, the Paul Jr. Designs crew begins to break down the Black Widow, stirring up a lot of decade-old memories for Vinnie, Junior and Cody.
American Chopper: Black Widow Restored Aftershow
Find out if Junior was surprised by Nub's hesitation to paint over the OCC logo, and whether being famous has made it hard to do certain things around town like go to the gym.
American Chopper: Black Widow Returns
Find out how Rick and Jason felt about revealing the Power Probe Bike without Senior.
American Chopper: Blackout!
On Day 12 of the Cadillac Bike build, a series of Peeping Toms outside Paul Jr. Designs spurs Junior to black out the shop's windows as a safety precaution.
American Chopper: Bomb Away
Vinnie DiMartino is a trained professional when it comes to water-bottle bombs. You folks at home, do NOT try to initiate Pete, your newest team member, this way.
American Chopper: Brass Melt (With Cheese)
To incorporate the hand-hammered bronze look of Supernatural Cymbals into its bike, OCC develops a melting technique using a turkey-fryer pot, a hair-dryer and coal.
American Chopper: Brittle Bronze
While creating accent pieces for the Supernatural Cymbals Bike, Rick discovers that Turkish bronze -- especially when heated -- breaks. Like, a lot.
American Chopper: Building the Lincoln Mark LT Bike
Watch the Orange County Chopper team from the show, "American Chopper" build a bike inspired by a new line of cars by Lincoln.
American Chopper: Built to be Punished
One difference between his bikes and OCC's, according to Jesse? They not only look good, they function.
American Chopper: Cadillac Bike Unveil
PJD unveils the bike they created for Cadillac, along the side of Paul senior and the OCC team. To bid on or vote for Senior's or Junior's bike, go to
American Chopper: Cadillac Cruisin'
In a competition between OCC and PJD, the OCC team takes the track to race the Cadillac CTSV.
American Chopper: Cake Decorator
Senior is upset with the Cell Buckle design and Jason loses his temper.
American Chopper: Cake Surprise
Senior gets a gift from Jesse James that he is not to happy with.
American Chopper: Chopper For A Good Cause
Minnesota Vikings defensive end, Jared Allen, asks Paul junior to build a chopper for his charity, Jared Allen's Home for Wounded Warriors.
American Chopper: Chopper Reborn
The team behind American Chopper -- and Senior himself -- weigh in on the decision to resurrect the cancelled series as American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior.
American Chopper: Christian Comes Home
In preparation for the WyoTech build, Paul Sr. and Christian -- a former student -- travel to Daytona to tour the tech-based trade school.
American Chopper: Christian Subs for Senior
With Senior out filming the Celebrity Apprentice, it's up to Christian to take the super-long, super-heavy and super-awesome Grainger bike out for its maiden voyage on a beautiful fall day.
American Chopper: Christner Bikes Revealed
When the rear shock on the John Christner Trucking new-school bike doesn't cooperate, and workarounds don't fixing the bottoming-out issue, Mike Ammirati calls in the (new) springs.
American Chopper: Communication Breakdown
Mikey, Vinnie and Junior share their thoughts about the impasse between Mikey and Senior, and Junior explains how he and Nub manage to work together without drawings.
American Chopper: Complicated Curvature
Rick and Jim struggle to mount the US Bike's gas tank so that it's true to Jason's curvy, segmented design.
American Chopper: Court Ruling
Paul Jr. receives a bit of good news from his attorney regarding Senior's lawsuit against him.
American Chopper: Craaaazzzzy
Rick, Jim and Mike carefully -- verrryyyyy carefully -- assemble the front end and exhaust of the 11-foot-long Trump Bike.
American Chopper: Cranky Hairy Ape
As he starts work on the CrankyApe Bike, Paul Jr. finds inspiration in Vinnie, a real-life "cranky, hairy ape."
American Chopper: Crazy Billiard Trick Shots
Jeanette Lee shows off some tricks for the OCC crew.
American Chopper: Crew OCC
American Chopper co-executive producer Adam Moyer explains some of the challenges he faces as the lead on the OCC production team.
American Chopper: Cymbal Bike Revealed
Steve and Christian head to Anaheim to reveal the bike for Supernatural Cymbals.
American Chopper: Cymbals Bike Build
The crew at Paul senior's shop begin work on the bike for Supernatural Cymbals.
American Chopper: Daddy Issues
Junior gives Mikey advice on how to approach a potential attempt to reconcile with Senior.
American Chopper: Dangerman DiMartino
An anxious Paulie looks on as Vinnie takes the unfinished -- and brakeless -- Gears of War Trike out for a downhill test to see if the push-pull steering works.
American Chopper: Deadliest Catch Bike Assembly
With their deadline swiftly approaching, the OCC team assembles the Deadliest Catch bike.
American Chopper: Deadliest Catch Bike Revealed
After only one week of work, the OCC team unveils the Deadliest Catch bike at CatchCon, an annual convention for Deadliest Catch fans to connect with their favorite captains and crew members.
American Chopper: Design Deviation
Back from vacation, Senior tackles the U.S. Biker's handlebars, only to discover he's deviated from Jason's curvy design.
American Chopper: Dierks Bentley Drops In
In an unusual role reversal, Vinnie DiMartino turns into a "stupid fan" when -- thanks to his boss Paulie -- country-music star Dierks Bentley drops by Paul Jr. Designs.
American Chopper: Diesel Power
It's time to kick up the power with the help of Monster Diesel as the OCC shop builds their first diesel engine Chopper.
American Chopper: Dig It
After Junior applies his finishing touches, the entire PJD team assembles to start up the One Call Concepts Bike.
American Chopper: Disturbing But Damn Good
Paul Jr. reacts to Mikey's PSA for One Call Concepts, in which he and his assistant Michael show exactly why people should call 811 before they dig.
American Chopper: Duck and Cover
As an American Chopper crew member, you may have an opinion about who's right and who's wrong, but you have to just be objective and get the shot (and avoid flying objects).
American Chopper: Episode 64
As part of the Bic 4 Good program, the OCC crew (minus Senior) shave their beards, mustaches and heads in return for a $10,000 donation by Bic to the OCC Foundation.
American Chopper: Episode 65
In Orlando, Fla., the Paul Jr. Designs team takes a much-needed break at Discovery Cove, where they swim with -- and kiss -- dolphins.
American Chopper: Episode 66
The situation with Odie comes to a head when Junior confronts him about his mishandling of a chopper's hand controls and receives attitude in return.
American Chopper: Episode 67
After unveiling the Universal Property Insurance custom chopper, Junior announces the winner of the giveaway bike raffle to a surprised audience of agents.
American Chopper: Episode 68
After being let go from Paul Jr. Designs, Odie heads back to Orange County Choppers to talk to Senior.
American Chopper: Episode 69
At BIC corporate headquarters, Paul Sr. unveils the razor-inspired BIC Bike to an ecstatic crowd, then collects a $20,000 donation to the OCC Foundation from BIC 4 Good.
American Chopper: Eragon Oil Tank
In this clip from Discovery Turbo's "American Chopper," check out the Eragon oil tank.
American Chopper: Every Bit Counts
At an event celebrating the 25th anniversary of John Christner Trucking, Danny Christner surprises his dad with not one OCC chopper ... but TWO.
American Chopper: Exhausting Finish
Despite facing his tightest deadline ever with the FIST Bike, Junior makes time to vanquish Vinnie's mortal enemy.
American Chopper: Explosions Are Fun
Paul Sr. blows off some steam and blows off some tops as he and the OCC crew learn that playing with fire can be pretty fun.
American Chopper: Extreme Tubing
In Alaska, while an under-the-weather Senior rests back at the cabin, the rest of the OCC crew blows off some serious steam.
American Chopper: Fab Fenders
With the dimensions in, Rick Petko makes quick work of fabricating and mounting the fenders for the build-off bike, then muses on Paulie and Jesse's build-off bikes.
American Chopper: Facebook Faux Pas
A slip of the mouse leads to an awkward social-media situation between Vinnie and Steve Moreau.
American Chopper: Family Over Ego
Mikey describes his new morning routine of lifting weights and giving fingerless-glove high-fives at the gym to Vinnie.
American Chopper: Family Rage
Take a look back at one of the top fights of all time on American Chopper.
American Chopper: Father-Son Face-Off
In Detroit, Cadillac persuades both OCC and PJD to build Cadillac-inspired bikes in a father-son build-off, with the proceeds going to Cure Duchenne.
American Chopper: Fathers And Sons
Tune in for a close-up look at the American Choopper series in this video by Discovery.
American Chopper: Feather Free Zone
Senior describes seeing the original OCC in ruins, while Rick, Jason and Mike debate the challenge of making the Feather Free Zone handlebars fit around that darn gas tank.
American Chopper: Feather Free Zone Reveal
Senior unveils the Feather Free Zone bike to happy clients at the Jersey Shore.
American Chopper: Fill the Diaper
Vinnie describes running into Mikey's apparently extremely effective "fill the diaper" roadside fundraising attempt for the March of Dimes.
American Chopper: First-Day Fab
After reviewing Jason's design, Mike and Rick find a frame and begin fabrication -- along with Jim and Senior -- on the Veterans Airlift Command Bike.
American Chopper: FIST Unveil
PJD unveils the FIST bike to a stadium of concertgoers during Sunfest in Florida.
American Chopper: Fixing Relationships
Deciding that life is too short, Senior calls Mikey to invite him to a painting session he's hosting for a group of wounded veterans.
American Chopper: Foreclosure?
After reading in a newspaper that OCC is facing foreclosure, Mikey breaks the news to Junior.
American Chopper: Freak Frame
Step inside Paul Jr. Designs as Nubs delivers the painted frame for the Gears of War Trike(and learn the secret technique behind the paint's "weird" look).
American Chopper: Free Rick
As work on the WyoTech Bike continues, Rick Petko proposes to "stir things up" by telling Senior he's going to go work at Paul Jr. Designs for "one or two bikes."
American Chopper: Friendly Advice
After Senior both stops by his art gallery and emails him about commissioning a painting, Mikey seeks advice from Vinnie on how he should respond.
American Chopper: Gears for Gears
As Paulie begins assembly of the Gears of War Bike ... well, see why he happily exclaims, "That's borderline not even normal," with Vinnie agreeing, "That is SICKENING."
American Chopper: Gears of War
Find out why Paul Jr. Designs chose to build a trike for their Gears of War build, how the push-pull cables work, and why Paulie yelled "No. No. No." at Vinnie and Brendon.
American Chopper: Getting Fired Up
Tune in for a close-up look at the American Choopper series in this video by Discovery.
American Chopper: Getting It Straight
As they assemble the John Christner Trucking old-school bike -- Senior and Rick's favorite kind -- the OCC crew rib each other about the gas-tank size, recalling Jesse James' words during Chopper Live.
American Chopper: Giddyup Gas Tank
As fabrication on the impressive Arabian Horse Bike continues, truer words -- "That is one big horse gas tank" -- have never been spoken.
American Chopper: Gladiator Garagework Bike
The sparks and hilarity fly as Senior and Jason team up for a bike for Gladiator Garagework.
American Chopper: Good Wood
See how painter extraordinaire Nub made a metal gas tank look EXACTLY like an old, weathered wooden crate. (Seriously.)
American Chopper: Goodbye Gus
An emotional Senior remembers his best friend of 11 years, Gus, whose progressive cancer forced the family to make a difficult decision.
American Chopper: Grudge Be Gone
Paul Teutul Sr. reveals to Rick that over the holidays, he reached out to his estranged son Dan and visited with his grandchildren.
American Chopper: Guillotine Time
Wanting to raise money for Will, a local child with cancer, in a weight-loss competition with Montgomery's mayor, Mikey hires a personal trainer to make him sweat. And hurt. A LOT.
American Chopper: Guitar Violence
Take a look back at one of the top fights on American Chopper.
American Chopper: Hair Club Bike
Senior and the OCC team work swiftly in order to complete the Hair Club Bike in time for its unveil. See why all the polishing and custom pieces were worth it.
American Chopper: Hair Club Build
Wistful for their own hairlines of yore, OCC begins their design and build of the Hair Club bike.
American Chopper: Hairy Experience
During his tour of a Manhattan Hair Club facility, Senior witnesses an actual hair transplant and receives his own hair and scalp analysis.
American Chopper: HEADRUSH Bike Unveiled
HEADRUSH, which creates apparel for mixed-martial arts enthusiasts, asked for a bad-ass bike, and Paul Senior wasn't about to let them down.
American Chopper: High-School Memories
After examining a stock muscle car they plan to customize, a gleeful Paul Jr. and Vinnie take it out for an eventful test-drive.
American Chopper: Hit in the Heart
Visiting the Wolf Gang art gallery for the first time, Senior is struck by the emotion in Mikey's paintings, including the "Sad Dad" piece.
American Chopper: Hurtful Words
Mikey and Junior watch on in disbelief when, in an episode of the Chopper Aftershow, Senior refers to Jesse James as a "genius" and predicts Jesse will win the three-way build-off.
American Chopper: Ignition Issues
With the Cadillac bike deadline approaching, PJD encounters an issue with their bike's ignition.
American Chopper: Inflamitory Article
Tune in for a close-up look at the American Choopper series in this video by Discovery.
American Chopper: Internal Conflicts
Was Senior surprised when he hurt Rick's feelings? Was it hard for Rick to confront Senior? The OCC crew open up about their internal conflicts.
American Chopper: Iraq Star Bike
The OCC crew takes on the challenge and the honor of building a bike for a charity helping Iraq War veterans.
American Chopper: IRAQ Star Clip 1
OCC is asked to build a bike for the Iraq Star Foundation which provides US soldiers injured in Iraq and Afghanistan with free reconstructive surgery. Gary Sinese, Jon Voight and other celebrities turn out to support the cause.
American Chopper: IRAQ Star Clip 2
OCC is asked to build a bike for the Iraq Star Foundation which provides US soldiers injured in Iraq and Afghanistan with free reconstructive surgery. Sr is invited to sit in on a surgery. American Chopper airs Thursdays at 9pm
American Chopper: Irregardless ...
Irregardless of the fact that "irregardless" isn't a proper term, in Mike Ammirati's world, it is.
American Chopper: It's A Bird, It's A Plane
After some inflammatory remarks from Mikey on a local radio show, Senior decides to have a little fun launching a crash dummy over a nearby creek.
American Chopper: Jason County Choppers
A Jason still smarting from the Cell Buckle Bike incident finds himself in another pickle -- especially with Mike Ammirati -- with the US Biker design and frame.
American Chopper: Jason Cracks
When Senior describes the look of the in-progress Cell Buckle Bike as "cake decorator," a hurt Jason Pohl reacts in a manner even Junior never dared.
American Chopper: JC Trucking Bike
In the aftershow for the JC Trucking Bike Build, the OCC gang discuss whether or not Senior makes them nervous and how they explain things they know so well to their audience.
American Chopper: Jeanette "Black Widow" Lee Bike
The OCC crew puts a new twist on an old classic as they give The Black Widow Bike a feminine touch for billiards legend Jeanette "Black Widow" Lee.
American Chopper: Jesse James Build-Off Aftershow 1
Find out why Jesse James agreed to a build-off with Junior and Senior, how his building style differs from theirs, and what his true gripe with "those guys" is.
American Chopper: Jesse James Build-Off Aftershow 2
Jesse James discusses his build-off bike (which he hopes will "translate on a show like American Chopper"), his return to Discovery Channel, and his thoughts on who will win.
American Chopper: Jesse James Build-Off Aftershow 3
We interviewed Jesse James about the three-way build-off with the Teutuls as he prepared to blow off some steam. Bye-bye, steam. (And apologies to his neighbors.)
American Chopper: Jesse James Returns
Jesse James explains the three-way build-off between him, Paul Teutul Jr. and Paul Teutul Sr. ... as only Jesse James can.
American Chopper: Junior Calls Senior
A clean-shaven Michael and the mayor of Montgomery, N.Y., step on the scale for their final weigh-in as part of their fundraiser for Will, a local child with leukemia.
American Chopper: Junior on Having Two Crews
Paul Teutul Jr. reveals why complete and total separation of American Chopper crews is the ONLY way he'll allow any filming in his shop.
American Chopper: Junior on Jesse James
As he watches Chopper Live with his crew, Junior looks back on the live event and offers potential reasons for some of Jesse James' comments during the build-off.
American Chopper: Junior On OCC's Settlement
Junior reveals what he thinks triggered the settlement, whether he was nervous signing the papers, and why getting back the Black Widow was so important to him.
American Chopper: Junior Reaches Out
When he hears that Senior's dog Gus has died, Junior chooses to call -- rather than just text or email -- his dad to offer his condolences.
American Chopper: Killer Design
The arrival of a custom chassis begins to give some shape to OCC's "evil, crazy, I'm-going-to-kill-your-town" build-off bike design.
American Chopper: Killing Rick
As Rick Petko continues fabrication on the Cadillac Bike, Jason Pohl begins taping paper templates to the frame to see how his design will look when complete.
American Chopper: Laser Precision
Junior starts work on the Anti-Venom's gas tank with intense attention to detail and skill.
American Chopper: Lee Returns
Lee drops in on OCC, seeking advice from Senior on his new business.
American Chopper: Legal Concerns
Paul Senior meets with his lawyers to discuss issues with Joe Puliafico, an OCC ex-employee who -- despite a non-compete clause -- went to work for Paul Jr. Designs.
American Chopper: Let's Get Physical
Deciding that yelling isn't good for his health, Senior adopts a new tactic to get things done around the shop. (And yes, he's KIDDING.)
American Chopper: Lobster vs. Subway
In exchange for helping him complete a tough task on the Cepheid Bike, Cody promises Vinnie lunch but with a caveat.
American Chopper: Location, Location, Location
Tune in for a close-up look at the American Choopper series in this video by Discovery.
American Chopper: Locusts Need Wheels
In preparation for their build, the PJD crew travel to Epic Games to get a feel for the Gears of War characters, world and weapons (including a CHAINSAW/GUN combo).
American Chopper: Making a Dream Car
As the PJD Muscle Car comes together, Junior sees his stock-car pencil sketch develop into an unbelievable dream car.
American Chopper: Melting Brass
Jim brings in some outside help to assist with methods of melting brass.
American Chopper: Metal Fabrication
The OCC team works on fabrication of the Trump bike.
American Chopper: Meteorite Men Bike
OCC tackles a project from outer space as they build a bike for Science Channel's Meteorite Men.
American Chopper: Mikey Busts
Vinnie's shooting of a rabid raccoon brings about a lot of teasing.
American Chopper: Mikey Emails Senior
After talking to Vinnie, Mikey decides to respond to an email from Senior, attempting to commission a painting. Find out what his reply said and why.
American Chopper: Mikey Visits UM
In this clip from TLC's "American Chopper," Mikey visits the campus of the University of Michigan.
American Chopper: Mikey's Art Gallery
Watch as the grand opening of Mikey's art gallery takes place.
American Chopper: Mikey's Got Heart
Junior and his mom discuss the personal family issues surrounding the now-very-public death of Grandma Helen.
American Chopper: Mikey's Pep Talk
How can you lose a race against your father when your team has heart ... and matching shirts? Move over, Coach Taylor. Mikey Teutul's in the house.
American Chopper: Mini-Pete
A more-talkative-than-we've-ever-seen-him Peter gives Vinnie and Mikey the lowdown on the birth of his newborn son, Ethan.
American Chopper: MMA at OCC
As work on the HEADRUSH Bike begins, MMA fighter Phil Davis drops in on Paul Senior's shop to give a little taste of his style in the ring and to exchange a few punches.
American Chopper: Money Bike
In this deleted scene, Paul Teutul Sr. takes Alan Brownfeld's completed Money Bike out for a spin, and explains what makes this chopper so unique.
American Chopper: Most Unique Bike
Star of the series "American Chopper" Paul Teutul Sr. is interviewed about the most unique motorcycle he has ever seen.
American Chopper: Motion-Capture Kill
The makers of Gears of War suit up Mikey and Rachael for some motion-capture action, including a (virtual) death by chainsaw.
American Chopper: Music and Motorcycles
Star of the Discovery Channel series "American Chopper" Paul Teutul Jr. talks about unique motorcycles and how satellite radio has helped put music in motorcycles.
American Chopper: New baby
The crew congratulates Peter on his new baby boy.
American Chopper: Not Easy Being Green
Language gets colorful when the OCC team installs a very heavy diesel motor in their eco-friendly CIMA Green Bike.
American Chopper: Not QUITE Final
On the "final" day of assembly, as the Cepheid Bike comes together, Junior decides to make a few last-minute tweaks.
American Chopper: Nub's Pride
On the last day of the FARO Bike build, Nub delivers to Junior and Vinnie one of his favorite theme-bike paint jobs to date.
American Chopper: OCC Build-Off Aftershow
Who will win? Will OCC approach this build-off differently than Cadillac? How well does Senior know Jesse James, and what does he think of his style? Senior weighs in on these and other topics.
American Chopper: OCC Cadillac Bike Aftershow 1
Senior and Jason explain what differentiated OCC's Cadillac Bike from Paul Jr. Designs' and how visiting Cadillac's R&D facility helped in the design process.
American Chopper: OCC Cadillac Bike Aftershow 2
Hear Senior discuss his initial reaction to seeing Junior's bike at the unveil, and discover Rick's biggest challenge during the bike's fabrication.
American Chopper: OCC Cadillac Bike Aftershow 4
During the design phase, did OCC consider what Junior may come up with? And is the Cadillac Bike's paint TRULY a Cadillac color? Senior, Jason and Rick answer your questions.
American Chopper: OCC Cell Buckle Bike Aftershow
Senior, Rick, Mike and Jason revisit the angst of the Cell Buckle build, including the "cake decorator" comment, Senior's demeanor and the pushing of the frame off the lift.
American Chopper: OCC Grainger Bike Aftershow
Mike, Jason, Rick and Senior discuss their love of tools, reflect on the X-rated cake sent by Jesse James, and reveal their plans for the trip to Vegas for Chopper Live.
American Chopper: OCC John Christner Trucking Bike
Find out how Rick met his fiancee, whether Senior had ever driven an 18-wheeler before, and how everyone feels about Junior replacing the OCC logo with Paul Jr. Designs on the Black Widow.
American Chopper: OCC MidseasOn Retrospective
In the aftershow, Senior answers fan Questions about the season so far, including the settlement between him and Mikey.
American Chopper: OCC Mikey's Decision Aftershow
Senior reveals what he misses most about Mikey and whether he was nervous reaching out to him. Then the OCC gang reminisces about the Beck's Hybrids Bike's tricky assembly.
American Chopper: OCC Trump Bike 2 Aftershow
Does Senior consider Donald Trump his most intimidating client to date, and did the unveil make him nervous? Christian joins the OCC gang in answering viewer questions about the Trump Bike and Senior's Apprentice appearance.
American Chopper: OCC Veterans Bike
Did you know that Senior was a merchant marine? Check out the details in this installment of the American Chopper Aftershow.
American Chopper: OCC WyoTech Aftershow
Senior reveals what it's like to ride "uncomfortable as hell" rigids given his bad back, where he tends to test-ride bikes the most, and why he sometimes can't make an unveil.
American Chopper: OCC's Bankruptcy Issues
Junior, Mikey and Vinnie respond to Senior's on-screen comments about their trip to OCC to fetch the Black Widow then share their thoughts about OCC's bankruptcy issues.
American Chopper: OCC's Settlement
Rick, Jason and Mike address their friction over the Hard Rock's design and fabrication, and Senior discloses what he thinks is next for him and Junior.
American Chopper: Off the Hot Seat
Jim Quinn and Mike Ammirati engineer a workaround so the Grainger Bike's exhaust isn't so close to the seat (which would make it HOT), while staying true to Jason's design.
American Chopper: Oh, the INDIGNITY!
What's it like to live with Junior these days? Brendon comes clean to Mikey and Vinnie. (PS, Vinnie, what's an antenna?)
American Chopper: Old-School Assembly
As they assemble the John Christner Trucking old-school bike -- Senior and Rick's favorite kind. -- the OCC crew rib each other about the gas-tank size, recalling Jesse James' words during Chopper Live.
American Chopper: On Deciding To Come Back
Vinnie discusses what made him decide to come back to the show.
American Chopper: On Disciplining
In this clip, Vinnie recounts Odie's tirade against the producer and the camera crew and the aftermath.
American Chopper: On Leaving OCC
Vinnie recalls his choice to walk away from OCC and what led him to his decision.
American Chopper: On Why The Popular Show
Vinnie discusses what makes the show popular and why it appeals to viewers.
American Chopper: One Cell Buckle
Senior approves the Cell Buckle and tests the bike.
American Chopper: One World Trade Center
After Paul Jr. Designs is commissioned to build a custom chopper to commemorate the rebuilding of the World Trade Center site, the crew heads downtown for a tour.
American Chopper: Operation Deploy Sign
In response to Junior's perceived paranoia during the Cadillac Bike build, Senior -- aided by Jason -- employs some stealth moves to erect a sign in PJD's yard.
American Chopper: Operation Karl Ka-Boom!
Wanting to "freak Senior out," the OCC crew pulls a prank that makes the man flinch in a way we've never seen before.
American Chopper: Orange County Apprentice
Team leader on the very first Celebrity Apprentice challenge, Senior calls in some reinforcements (and noise) for help.
American Chopper: Outside the Box
How do you take a little white box and turn it into an innovative chopper design that represents the brand of a cutting-edge medical diagnosis company? See how it's done.
American Chopper: Paul Talks About Weight Lifting
Star of "American Chopper" Paul Teutul, Sr. is interviewed about his body building strength and his bench press abilities.
American Chopper: Paul Teutul in LA
The star of "American Chopper" Paul Teutul Sr. discusses in an interview what it is like to be a celebrity in L.A.
American Chopper: Paul Teutul Jr on Custom Choppers
Star of the Discovery Channel series "American Chopper" Paul Teutul Jr. is interviewed about the different designs and personal choices he likes on custom made choppers.
American Chopper: Paul Teutul Sr and Meeting Celebs
The star of Turbo's "American Chopper" Paul Teutul Sr. talks about how he only gets excited to meet a few celebrities.
American Chopper: Paul Teutul Sr Expresses Admiration
Star of "American Chopper" Paul Teutul, Sr. is interviewed about what motorcycle builders he admires.
American Chopper: Paul Teutul Sr's Future
The star of "American Chopper" Paul Teutul Sr. discusses in an interview what he would like to be doing 10 years from now.
American Chopper: Paul Teutul's Life on TV
The star of Turbo's "American Chopper" Paul Teutul Sr. answers questions in an interview about what it is like to live your life on reality TV.
American Chopper: Penal Cake Decoded
After an exhaustive investigation, Mikey solves the mystery of who sent Paul Jr. Designs an X-rated cake (note to Jesse James: some lobster next time would be muh appreciated).
American Chopper: PJD 811 Bike Aftershow 2
Mikey explains why he couldn't accept Senior's invitation to paint at his house, as well as his strategy for losing weight to raise money for a local child with cancer. Then the PJD crew weighs in on Senior's Apprentice appearance.
American Chopper: PJD 9/11 Memorial Bike Aftershow 1
From the honor of being commissioned to the choice of aluminum over steel, Paul and Vinnie take you behind the scenes of the very emotional 9/11 Memorial build.
American Chopper: PJD 9/11 Memorial Bike Aftershow 2
Vinnie, Paul, Mikey and Rachael discuss what they were doing the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, where they'd live if not in the Hudson Valley, and their thoughts on the Free Rick T-shirt.
American Chopper: PJD and the Black Widow's Return
Discover why Vinnie hates a black exhaust (and learn something about riding the Black Widow you probably didn't know), how weather can derail a build and why the FIST Bike reveal was nerve-wracking ... and awkward.
American Chopper: PJD Build Off Part 1
In the aftershow, Paul talks about the format of the upcoming PJD, OCC and Jesse James build-off and other questions.
American Chopper: PJD Build Off Part 2
The PJD crew discusses Jesse James in the second part of the aftershow.
American Chopper: PJD Cadillac Bike Aftershow 1
Were Vinnie or Junior worried they'd chip the CTS-V taillights? (Yes.) During their Cadillac Bike design phase, did they consider what OCC may do? (No. Well, mostly.) Junior, Vinnie and Mikey answer YOUR questions.
American Chopper: PJD Cadillac Bike Aftershow 2
Vinnie and Junior reveal how their anxiety at the unveil -- in addition to the Cadillac Bike's lack of kickstand -- nearly ruined their big moment.
American Chopper: PJD Cadillac Bike Aftershow 3
In retrospect, does Junior think blacking out the shop windows was overkill? What did he think about Operation Deploy Sign? Junior responds, while Vinnie reveals his biggest challenge during the Cadillac Bike build.
American Chopper: PJD Cadillac Bike Aftershow 4
Get an update on Mikey's art gallery, and hear Junior's response when asked whether he thought Senior was proud of him at the Cadillac Bike unveil.
American Chopper: PJD Cadillac Bike Aftershow 5
After seeing OCC's bike, would Junior or Vinnie have done anything differently? What were their concerns going into the build-off, and would they do another? You asked; we have the answer.
American Chopper: PJD DeKalb Bike Aftershow
Does watching the show influence how Junior feels about his dad? Why did old-school seem right for DeKalb? Did Mikey really kick over a bike once himself? Find out in this clip.
American Chopper: PJD Gears of War Aftershow 2
Paulie and Vinnie describe the treat of seeing the Gears of War Trike in action BEFORE the episode aired, and explain how humbling it was to arrive at the unveil with a 5-foot-wide trike ... only to see a 48-inch ramp with a 6-inch lip.
American Chopper: PJD Gears Of War BOnus Aftershow
Junior and the crew discuss fan Questions about the launch of the PJD Gears of War bike.
American Chopper: PJD Mikey's Decision Aftershow
Would Junior have started his own business if he hadn't been fired? How does Mikey feel when strangers give him personal advice? Are Mikey and Senior on speaking terms? Find out.
American Chopper: PJD Muscles In
Junior surprises Daytona Bike Week attendees -- all expecting him to unveil a chopper -- when he drives up in the first of his limited-series PJD muscle cars.
American Chopper: PJD On the Black Widow
Junior and Vinnie talk about their emotional return to OCC to fetch the Black Widow, then reflect on Peter, the newest addition to Paul Jr. Designs.
American Chopper: PJD Winners and Losers Aftershow 1
Find out how the PJD crew celebrated their Chopper Live win and why Junior didn't call Senior after returning from Vegas, despite telling Senior he loved him on stage.
American Chopper: PJD Winners and Losers Aftershow 2
Junior, Mikey and Vinnie reflect on the booing of Senior during Chopper Live, OCC's decision to enter a non-bike in a bike competition, and the Polish Bike build.
American Chopper: PJD WTC Bike Ep 2 Part 1
Paul and the gang respond to questions about the World Trade Center bike, including whether or not they were surprised when the Mayor of New York City sat on the bike at the reveal.
American Chopper: PJD WTC Bike Ep 2 Part 2
In the World Trade Center bike Aftershow, Paul and the crew talk about their favorite part of the bike and music.
American Chopper: PJD's Perspective
As fabrication begins on Paul Jr. Designs' aviation-inspired bike, Vinnie and Paulie respond to public comments by Senior and Jesse about the three-way build-off.
American Chopper: PJD's Settlement
Just how often does Vinnie start cars without keys? Is Mikey finally going to run for president? What's next for Junior and Senior? Mikey, Vinnie and Junior discuss.
American Chopper: Pounds for Dollars
Mikey and the mayor of Montgomery, New York announce their weight competition to raise money for a local child named Will, who has been fighting leukemia.
American Chopper: Pour Vinnie
If you've ever wondered what it's like to hang out at Paul Jr. Designs during its quieter moments, here you go.
American Chopper: Power Probe Assembly
OCC begins making their final touches to the Power Probe bike before their unveil.
American Chopper: Power Probe Bike
It may have looked simple on TV, but making a battery tester into an engine starter was anything but. Jason, Rick and Mike explain why, then describe revealing the Power Probe Bike without Senior.
American Chopper: Project Free Rick
With everyone at Paul Jr. Designs missing their former colleague Rick Petko, Mikey reveals his master plan to help liberate their old friend from OCC.
American Chopper: Pumping Iron
After a period of silence, Junior calls Senior to give his condolences on Helen's passing.
American Chopper: Punishing Hammer
Vinnie rants about the noise created by Brennan's new punishing hammer.
American Chopper: Real Deal Boom
Have you ever seen folks set off homemade explosions on a ship's deck before? For fun, mind you. No? Welcome to the Time Bandit.
American Chopper: Real Reality
Sometimes what makes great TV feels like a set-up in the eyes of its subjects.
American Chopper: Reeve Foundation Bike
The OCC crew takes on a unique project for a paraplegic as a charity bike for the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation.
American Chopper: Remembering Phil
In Seattle, Deadliest Catch fan Paul Sr. meets American Chopper fans Josh and Jake Harris, the sons of Cornelia Marie captain Phil Harris.
American Chopper: Reprecussions
The crew works to straighten the frame of the Cell Buckle bike.
American Chopper: Return to OCC
In order to reclaim the Black Widow, Junior and Vinnie return -- uncomfortably and "awkwardly" -- to OCC, where they are greeted by Senior.
American Chopper: Robb's Frustration
Robb expresses his dismay at some key changes in the design of the St. Jude's bike that were made without his knowledge.
American Chopper: Root of the Dispute
In going over the state of OCC with his staff, Senior reveals the root of his business -- and personal -- dispute with Junior.
American Chopper: Sending A Message
Joe brings two American Chopper fans who drove all the way from Indiana to visit Paul junior's shop, just to send an important message.
American Chopper: Senior Gets Aggressive
Feeling "a little destructive" after Paulie's visit to OCC to pick up the Black Widow, Senior gets his aggressions out on ... himself.
American Chopper: Senior Gets Fired Up
You know, as the Teutuls will attest -- and demonstrate -- you can pull off a REALLY good prank with the "shock pen."
American Chopper: Senior on Aggravating Crews
Senior explains why, being an "impatient person," he sometimes finds working with camera crews "aggravating."
American Chopper: Senior on Having a TV Show
Paul Teutul Sr. recalls the phone call in 2002 that started it all, and describes what it's like to see himself on television.
American Chopper: Senior On OCC's Settlement
Senior reveals why he decided to settle the lawsuit, what bothered him about Junior's request for the Black Widow, and which choppers he wouldn't have let go.
American Chopper: Senior On Starting A New Show
Senior remembers opening his shop and receiving a phone call six months later asking him if he wanted a show.
American Chopper: Senior Reaches Out
Instead of going through his lawyer, Senior emails Junior directly, hoping to start the dialogue necessary to resolve matters between them.
American Chopper: Senior Stops By
Mikey arrives at his Wolfgang Gallery to discover that his dad had stopped by to see him -- and without a film crew.
American Chopper: Senior Suits Up
Paul Teutul Sr. and Beth visit John's Tailors (the same place that cuts the sleeves off all Senior's shirts) to find a suit for Jason's wedding.
American Chopper: Senior's Decision
After talking through the state of his relationship with Paulie post-settlement, Senior reveals to Beth his plans to reach out to Mikey.
American Chopper: Series Finale Preview
Watch this sneak preview of the series finale of learningchannel's popular series, "American Chopper."
American Chopper: Setting Things Straight
Hoping to clear the air, Paul Sr. sits down with Rick Petko to discuss the rumors he's heard about Rick leaving OCC for Paul Jr. Designs.
American Chopper: Shaving With Mikey
With the heat blaring down Paul Jr. Designs, Mike and Mike decide to cool off with a little shave in this deleted scene.
American Chopper: Silent Struggle
Hurt by his text-message exchange with Mikey, Senior confides in Jason Pohl, who has some unconventional advice.
American Chopper: So Lego-Like
When he runs into issues during the John Christner Trucking new-school bike's fabrication, Mike Ammirati has some creative -- and eye-appealing -- solutions.
American Chopper: Something Is Something
When Junior counters Senior's settlement offer, the offer is pulled off the table. See what conclusions each draw as a result of the other's actions.
American Chopper: Something's Gonna Happen
It's a nice, quiet afternoon with the Hillstrands on the Time Bandit, where shotguns substitute for fishing poles and shouting is necessary.
American Chopper: Spitballs From Nowhere
See what prolonged havoc Vinnie wrought on Paulie with nothing but a clean sheet of paper, a straw, a window made with one-way glass and a whoooole lotta spit.
American Chopper: Springs Eternal
Junior explains his specific plans for updating the Black Widow Bike, which, after 10 years, has many outdated or worn-and-torn parts and technologies.
American Chopper: Staph Meeting
In order to kick off PJD's latest project -- a bike for Cepheid, a medical diagnostics company -- Junior invites his new client to conduct a staph test on Mikey.
American Chopper: State of the (Dis)Union
As Junior explains to some visiting fans, sometimes it takes more than settling a lawsuit to mend a relationship.
American Chopper: Straightening It Out
Rick, Senior and Mike assess -- and begin to fix -- the damage to the Cell Buckle Bike's frame after its toss from the lift.
American Chopper: SUPER Charged
Vinnie leads the installation of the PJD muscle car's super charger, which will take it from "fast" to "holy BLEEP."
American Chopper: Super Sleek
After replaying Junior's voice mail expressing his condolences regarding Helen, Senior decides on next steps for getting his family back together.
American Chopper: Super Specific Seat
Jason Pohl explains his elaborate vision -- angular shapes, different tiers, bevels -- for the Cadillac Bike's seat to Jason Teske of Pirate Upholstery.
American Chopper: Taking Stock
When mere observation fails to satisfy, the Paul Jr. Designs team begins to pull apart an actual CTS-V for their Cadillac Bike.
American Chopper: Talking It Out
Suspecting that Jim Quinn will "want to shoot him" when he reveals his plans for a 3-D guitar, Jason Pohl goes over his initial design of the Hard Rock Bike with Rick Petko.
American Chopper: The "Senior vs. Junior" Lawsuit
Mikey responds to Senior's comment that he doesn't think for himself, and Junior muses on whether there's still a TV series now that the "Senior vs. Junior" lawsuit is settled.
American Chopper: The Best Gets Better
Wanting the One Call Concepts Bike to be slick with fast lines, Junior designs -- and Brendon builds -- a gas tank with a look they've never tried before.
American Chopper: The Concert
It's a musical -- although due to gravity, not a visual -- treat as Mikey Teutul tickles the ivories. We bet you didn't know he played the piano, did you?
American Chopper: The Edge
FARO Technologies, a longtime OCC client, commissions a bike from Junior in honor of their new arm -- called "The Edge" -- which calibrates in 3D.
American Chopper: The Firebike Returns
In recognition of the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, Senior, Rick and Mike drop in on Squad 288 -- which had lost 19 of its men that day -- with the original Firebike.
American Chopper: The Hanging Bike
Senior's perfect poker face is a thing to behold as Rick Petko returns from lunch to find the bike he's working on with Junior dangling from the ceiling.
American Chopper: The Machine
Dimensions might have been given beforehand, but you'd never know it to see how small the ramp was. Watch how Paulie overcomes the odds when he reveals the Gears of War 3 Trike to Epic Games at Comic Con 2011.
American Chopper: The Return of the Black Widow
Find out why Junior's Black Widow request frustrated Senior, what Senior intended when he greeted Junior and Vinnie in the OCC showroom and what made the Power Probe Bike's exhaust take SO long.
American Chopper: The Son I Never Had
Senior needs help on a project and recruits the son he's always wanted, Jason.
American Chopper: The Success of the Show
The star of Turbo's "American Chopper" Paul Teutul Sr. is interviewed about how he could have never imagined the success of his show.
American Chopper: They Want Answers
After Paul Jr. mysteriously holes himself up in his office for days, a curious PJD team -- led by Mikey -- demands answers.
American Chopper: Three-Way Therapy
Mikey meets with his therapist to discuss next steps toward a possible reconciliation with Senior.
American Chopper: Time Heals
If you thought once the lawsuit was settled, the Teutuls would reconcile, think again. But while his life is less rocky without him, Mikey misses his dad.
American Chopper: Top Fight
Take a look back at THE top fight on American Chopper.
American Chopper: Totally Sick Spacers
You never know how or when creative inspiration will strike. Watch how a messy table helped Paul Jr. and Brendon solve the FIST Bike's exhaust-tip issue.
American Chopper: Trans Am Build
And on the seventh day ... see what Rick and Mike accomplished on the 7T7 Trans Am Bike.
American Chopper: Trans Am Unveil
Paul Senior and the OCC team head to the unveiling of the Trans Am Depot bikes, which were custom made to model three concept cars built off the Camaro platform.
American Chopper: Trike Power
OCC cranks out a bad ass trike for a client who can no longer ride a standard chopper, but doesn't want to give u the sweet ride.
American Chopper: Trump Bike Design
Jason and the OCC team begin to go over design plans for the Donald Trump bike.
American Chopper: Trump Visits OCC
Wanting an update on his bike, The Donald takes his infamous helicopter to Newburgh, NY, to stop in on Orange County Choppers.
American Chopper: Trump's Tough Love
No stranger to family businesses, Donald Trump gives Senior some tough-love advice after hearing about the state of his relationship with Junior.
American Chopper: Typical Day at Work
The star of "American Chopper" Paul Teutul Sr. talks about his typical day at work, building motorcycle choppers.
American Chopper: Unfortunate Alternatives
With time running out on reaching an agreement with the bank, Senior weighs whether he should rent or build a new world headquarters for OCC.
American Chopper: Upset vs. Angry
In the aftermath of his mother's death, Senior expresses his disappointment in the state of his relationship with his sons to Rick.
American Chopper: US Biker Law
Jason works on a bike for the owner of, an attorney who wants to represent any biker, anywhere.
American Chopper: Very Trump
Christian and Nick finish the final assembly on Donald Trump's new, long, loud and very gold chopper.
American Chopper: Veterans Airlift Command Bike Unveil
Paul senior unveils the Veterans Airlift Command bike.
American Chopper: Vinnie on the Phone Incident
When you're new to TV, you don't think about your Nextel two-way number being caught on camera ... until you start getting tons and tons of calls.
American Chopper: Visiting St. Jude's
Paul Senior heads to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital to discuss the creation of a bike to help raise money for the institution.
American Chopper: Walk Star Training
Mikey is fresh out of rehab and looking to get on a healthy track with the help of his friend as he trains for a walkathon for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.
American Chopper: Wheelchair Chopper Plans
The shop can seem to see eye to eye as they workout the plans for a charity bike for the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation.
American Chopper: Wicked Sharp Wheels
On day three of the CrankyApe Bike assembly, the barbed-wire-themed wheels arrive, and, man, are they SHARP (literally and figuratively).
American Chopper: Wounded Warriors Bike Revealed
Watch as Jared Allen's Wounded Warriors bike is revealed, with Jeff Foxworthy as a special guest.
American Chopper: Wyo Tech Test
After the OCC crew and it's interns finish the assembly of the Wyo Tech bike, Paul Senior takes the chopper out for a test drive.
Sons of Guns: A Red Jacket Welcome
The American Chopper crew arrives at Red Jacket to make new friends and take a look at the new custom chromed M1919 machine gun.
Sons of Guns: Biker Shoot Fest
With the new American Chopper Gun ready on the range, Mikey, Rachael and Paulie open fire on special biker targets.
Sons of Guns: Free Firing Teutuls
Will invites Paulie, Mikey and Rachael to choose a weapon for some live fire fun on Red Jacket's indoor range.
Sons of Guns: Kris Ford's "Comin' Home"
Watch Kris Ford and his band Startisan perform their original song "Comin' Home" at Baton Rouge's The Roux House.
Sons of Guns: Kris's Pyro Guitar
With Will's blessing, Joe and Vince team up to customize Kris's guitar with some cool pyrotechnic effects.
Sons of Guns: Mikey's Birthday Shotgun
Following up on a special request from Paulie, Will and Vince travel up to Paul Junior Designs to deliver a special birthday present to Mikey.
Sons of Guns: Paul Junior's Chrome Tips
Will reaches out to American Choppers' Paul Jr. Designs to get some expert advice about using chrome on their custom M1919 machine gun.
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