About Motorcycles

The About Motorcycles Channel explores the systems and components of motorcycles and how they’re built. Learn about motorcycles at HowStuffWorks.

What is the world's fastest motorcycle?

Motorcycles are all pretty fast, but one reigns supreme. Hint: It has a jet turbine engine.

What should be in your motorcycle tool bag?

Don't your motorcycle bag so light you end up stranded and helpless. Before leaving home, learn some basic repairs and pack these essential tools.

What was the first outlaw motorcycle club?

Few but notorious, bikers with criminal tendencies started getting together formally in the 1930s. And though they might have been hellish, they weren't in the group you might be thinking of.

What’s the safest type of motorcycle helmet?

Choose equipment that protects all, not just part, of your head. You kind-of need the whole thing.

What are the most famous motorcycle rallies in the U.S.?

With attendance estimates generally around a half-million riders every year, there are four annual motorcycle rallies that are the most famous and the oldest of all our nation's bike gatherings. So what are the big four?

10 Notorious Motorcycle Gangs

Motorcycle gangs have been around for more than 50 years. But only about 1 percent of them are considered criminal and dangerous in the eyes of the law. Say hello to the Hells Angels, and nine other motorcycle posses.

What are motorcycle club colors?

Motorcycle clubs use "colors" to denote their affiliations similar to gangs like the infamous Crips and Bloods. So what's the deal behind these colors and which motorcycle gangs wear what?

Did Sears really sell motorcycles in its catalog?

For a century, the Sears catalog offered everything you could possibly want or need. But motorcycles?

10 Vintage Motorcycle Brands

Whether it's a Harley or Honda or Indian, there's an intense passion and following for particularly coveted vintage motorcycles. Some enthusiasts fork over $1 million-plus to own one of their favorites. So what are some of the most popular vintage brands?

How the Campagna Motors T-Rex Works

The T-Rex is a motorcycle-based speedster from Campagna Motors -- a Canadian company. It's a three-wheeled design that blurs the line between car and motorcycle. And yes, it's incredibly fast.