33 Cars Named After Animals

The Barracuda is just one of many cars that bears the name of an animal.

33 Cars Named After Animals

­Automake­rs are often inspired by the natural world when naming new vehicles. How many of these auto names do you recognize?


1. Barracuda (Plymouth)

2. Beetle (Volkswagen)

3. Bison (Chevrolet heavy-duty truck)

4. Blackhawk (Stutz)

5. Bluebird (Nissan/Datsun)

6. Bronco (Ford)

7. Charger (Dodge)

8. Cheetah (rare 1960s high-performance sports car)

9. Cobra (Shelby, Shelby-Ford)

10. Cougar (Mercury)

11. Fox (Audi, Volkswagen)

12. Gazelle (Singer)

13. Honey Bee (Nissan/Datsun)

14. Impala (Chevrolet)

15. Jaguar (outgrowth of S.S. Cars, formerly Swallow Sidecars, Ltd.)

16. Lark (Studebaker)

17. Marlin (AMC)

18. Mustang (Ford)

19. Pinto (Ford)

20. Rabbit (Volkswagen)

21. Ram (Dodge)

22. Road Runner (Plymouth)

23. Sable (Mercury)

24. Skylark (Buick)

25. Spider/Spyder (Porsche)

26. Stag (Triumph)

27. Sting Ray/Stingray (Chevrolet Corvette)

28. Super Bee (Dodge)

29. Thunderbird (Ford)

30. Viper (Dodge)

31. Wasp (Hudson)

32. White Eagle (Kissel)

33. Wildcat (Buick)


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