The early 1970s oil crisis saw sales of muscle cars and other gas-guzzlers wane while smaller, compact cars gained popularity. Learn more about 1970s cars in this section.
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The 1975-1979 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT/GTV/Sprint Veloce was liked for its handling but sales were low due to the odd dash with the tach dead-ahead and other gauges in the center along with fast rusting and poor reliability. Learn about the Alfa Romea Alfetta.

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1976-1979 Cadillac Seville

The 1976-1979 Cadillac Seville started an automotive revolution of downsizing due to high gas prices and smog regulations. The Seville became the smallest and most fuel-efficient sedan in Cadillac's lineup. Read more about this classic American luxury car.

Jack Telnack: Chief Designer of the 1979 Ford Mustang

Designer Jack Telnack joined Ford in 1958 where he worked on the very first pony car in Joe Oros' Ford Studio. Read Telnack's story on the creation of the 1979-1981 generation of Mustangs.

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