The early 1970s oil crisis saw sales of muscle cars and other gas-guzzlers wane while smaller, compact cars gained popularity. Learn more about 1970s cars in this section.
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When you talk about the 1975 Leata, or any unusual car, people say, "It was ahead of its time!" You hear the cry anywhere you find an unconventional automobile. Learn how the 1975 Leata fit that description with its atypical styling and build.

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Oldsmobile's 1973-1977 intermediates helped bolster the carmaker's success in the 1970s. Unique styling such as frameless windows proved to be a success with this line of cars from Oldsmobile. Get vital details on 1973-1977 Oldsmobile intermediates.

1969-1971 Chrysler 300 2D Hardtop & Convertible

The 1969-1971 Chrysler 300 2D Hardtop and Convertible were the last of the Three Hundred series. The styling was debatable and quality started a tremendous decline. Collector interest is still lagging. Read about the demise of the Chrysler 300 2D.

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