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1967-1971 Plymouth GTX

1967 Plymouth GTX Specifications
A quintessential muscle car, the 1967 Plymouth GTX continues to impress collectors with its speed, power, and cubic inches. Find specifications and prices for the 1967 Plymouth GTX in the following chart.

1967 Plymouth GTX Specifications and Prices

Type/size ohv V-8, 440 cid
Bore x stroke (in.) 4.32x3.75
Compression ratio 10.1:1
Fuel delivery Carter AFB 4-bbl carb
Horsepower @ rpm 375 @ 4,600 (SAE gross)
Torque (lbs/ft) @ rpm 480 @ 3,200 (SAE gross)

Integral unit body/chassis

TorqueFlite 3-speed automatic (with floorshift)

Final-Drive Ratios
3.23:1 standard; 3.55:1, 2.94:1 available

Suspension, Front
Independent, non-parallel control arms on torsion bars

Suspension, Rear
Live axle on semi-elliptic leaf springs

Rack-and-sector, 3.5 turns lock-to-lock

11.0 × 3.0-in. front drums; 11 × 2.5-in. rear drums; power brakes with 11.0-in front discs opt

Wheels & Tires
14 × 5.5K stamped-steel rims, 7.75 × 14 Goodyear Red Streak nylon tires

Dimensions & Capacities
Wheelbase (in.) 115.0
Overall length (in.) 200.5
Overall width (in.) 76.4
Overall height (in.) 54.1
Track, front (in) 59.5
Track, rear (in.) 58.5
Trunk capacity (cu ft) 21.6
Fuel capacity (gal) 19.0
Curb weight (lbs) 3,545

Base Prices (U.S.)
Hardtop $3,178
Convertible $3,418 (includes 440 V-8, automatic transmission, handling suspension, bucket seats)

Selected Option Prices (U.S.)
426-cid, 2 4-bbl Hemi V-8 (425 bhp) $546
Power brakes $42
Power steering $90
Air conditioning (N/A with Hemi) $340
Sure-Grip differential $38
Power windows $100

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