The 1965-1967 Buick Skylark Gran Sport was Buick's mid-size hot rod of the mid-1960s. It was introduced as an option package for the Skylark coupe, hardtop, and convertible, then graduated to separate-series status for 1966.

1965 Buick Skylark Gran Sport hardtop coupe, part of the 1965-1967 Buick Skylark Gran Sport line of collectible cars
1965 Buick Skylark Gran Sport hardtop coupe.
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Power in the first two years came from the big-block 401 V-8 from the full-size Buicks, the pentroof engine that dated from Buick's original 1953 "Fireball" ohv V-8. For 1967, an all-new block arrived with semi-wedge heads, and the model designation changed to GS400. That same year, Buick introduced a junior muscle car, the GS340, powered by an enlarged version of its small-block V-8, and front disc brakes were added to the options list.

All Gran Sports were built on the heavier convertible chassis, and had a heavy-duty suspension and the requisite scoops, stripes, and bulges as battle dress. Quite quick (0-60 mph came up in as little as 6.0 seconds flat according to one contemporary road test), the GS was also one of the better-handling performance machines of the era, and had Buick's customary luxury and solid construction quality.

Prices escalated during the 1980s, making this a good alternative to an Oldsmobile 4-4-2 or Pontiac GTO. The low-production convertibles are naturally the most desirable models.

Pluses of the 1965-1967 Buick Skylark Gran Sport:

  • Fast
  • Very roadable
  • Not oversized for today
  • Solid Buick quality
  • Handsome furnishings
  • Deft styling

Minuses of the 1965-1967 Buick Skylark Gran Sport:

  • Very thirsty (requires high octane gas)
  • Juvenile "go-faster" add-ons
  • Body parts supplies have dried up

Production of the 1965-1967 Buick Skylark Gran Sport:

  • 1965: 2-door coupe 11,877; 2-door hardtop 47,034; convertible 10,456
  • 1966: 2-door coupe 1,835; 2-door hardtop 9,934; convertible 2,047
  • 1967: 2-door coupe 1,014; 2-door hardtop 10,659; 2-door convertible 2,140

Specifications of the 1965-1967 Buick Skylark Gran Sport:
Wheelbase, inches: 115.0
Length, inches: 203.4 (1965), 204.0 (1966), 205.0 (1967)
Weight, pounds: 3,283-3,505
Price, new: $2,845-$3,167

Engines for the 1965-1967 Buick Skylark Gran Sport:

Type Size
ohv V-8 401 cid
325/340 1965-1966
ohv V-8 400 cid
340/360 1967
ohv V-8 340 cid
260 1967

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