The 1950s was exciting era for car manufacturers. America’s post-war designs became sleeker and models like the Ferrari gained popularity overseas. Learn about models from Bentleys and Rolls Royce to the 1950s Jeep models.
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Be Your Own Mechanic

1959 Edsel Ranger hardtops were scarce, but the four-door sedan set an Edsel record for a single model at 12814 units. Most models are still in good supply today. Learn more about the production of this collectible car.

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1956-1957 Lincoln Continental Mark II

Although it was magnificently styled, the 1956-1957 Lincoln Continental Mark II didn't sell well because of it sky-high price. In fact it actually lost money. Learn about the 1956-1957 Lincoln Continental Mark II including production facts and more.

1950-1959 Cadillac

The 1950-1959 Cadillacs reflected the prosperity and ambition of the era. Cadillacs of the 1950s were finned, chromed, and loaded with features inspired by the jet age.

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