The 1950s was exciting era for car manufacturers. America’s post-war designs became sleeker and models like the Ferrari gained popularity overseas. Learn about models from Bentleys and Rolls Royce to the 1950s Jeep models.
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Be Your Own Mechanic

The 1956 Packard Executive was Packard's last gasp in the auto industry. Automotive insiders recognized the Executive as a desperation tactic because it contradicted the marketing plan of Packard. See pictures and read about this classic car.

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1959 Edsel Ranger Hardtops

1959 Edsel Ranger hardtops were scarce, but the four-door sedan set an Edsel record for a single model at 12814 units. Most models are still in good supply today. Learn more about the production of this collectible car.

1950 Ford Custom Crestliner

Despite its good looks, the 1950 Ford Custom Crestliner was a slow seller. It was a trimmed-up Tudor with vinyl roof, sweeping two-tone paint treatment, rear fender skirts, and a luxury interior. Read about the 1950 the Ford Custom Crestliner.

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