1950 hudson commodore side view

Hudson's attempts to market the 1950 Hudson Commodore against the newly popular station wagons met with little success.

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1950 Hudson Commodore Specifications

The 1950 Hudson Commodore was one of Hudson's most successful cars, but it failed to make up for Hudson's failure to produce the increasingly popular station wagon. Still, as the 1950 Hudson Commodore specifications below indicate, the Commodore could hold its own.


Engines: Six sidevalve I-6, 262.0 cid (3.56 × 4.38), 123 bhp Eight sidevalve I-8, 254.0 cid (3.00 × 4.50), 128 bhp

Transmission: 3-speed manual; overdrive, Drive-Master, and Supermatic semi-automatic optional

Suspension, front: independent, coil springs, tube shocks

Suspension, rear: live axle, leaf springs, tube shocks

Brakes: front/rear drums

Wheelbase (in.): 124.0

Weight (lbs): 3,640-3,865

Top speed (mph): 85-90

0-60 mph (sec): 15.0-18.0, depending on transmission

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