1950-1959 Ford Trucks

Notice the sleek functionality of this F-1 Ford truck from 1950.

1950 Ford Trucks

Ford truck aficionados will note the subtle changes to models in 1950.

For example, since its redesign two years earlier, the F-1 had received only detail changes, none of which are readily visible on this 1950 model. Power comes from Ford's 226-cubic-inch flathead six rated at 95 horsepower. This example has a floor-mounted shifter, which was being phased out in favor of column shift.

1950-1959 Ford Trucks

A restored 1950 Ford F-7 pumper

Wearing an unusually sleek body by Howe, this restored 1950 Ford F-7 pumper was originally used by Martin Township in Michigan.

1950-1959 Ford Trucks

An army of Good Humor drivers prepares to fight summer's heat with a fleet of Ford F-1 pickups converted for their intended use.

1950-1959 Ford Trucks

This Ford F-5 totes a reproduction of the Liberty Bell.

A Ford F-5 totes a reproduction of the Liberty Bell in a promotion intended to encourage the purchase of U.S. Savings Bonds with the tagline, "Save for YOUR Independence."

1950-1959 Ford Trucks

1950 Ford F-6

Newly optional on F-6s for 1950 was a 254-cubic-inch six-cylinder engine rated at 110 horsepower, which would surely be helpful in hauling the heavy loads this Stake Bed truck could carry.Even though the Ford trucks in 1950 changed little, the world had begun to change. North Korea invaded South Korea, sparking the Korean War. Clara Ford, Henry's widow, also died in this year.

1951 brought in a new heavy-duty truck line for Ford. In the next section, learn about the "Big Job" Ford truck models.

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