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1948-1949 Hudson Super Eight

The 1948-1949 Hudson Super Eight was the cheaper of Hudson's two eight-cylinder series in this period, both running with a 254-cid L-head straight eight. It was offered only in four-door sedan and two-door club coupe guise. Though rarer than other 1948-1949 models, the lack of top-line status makes it less desirable despite that.

Pluses of the 1948-1949 Hudson Super Eight:

  • The great Step-Down design, plus eight-cylinder performance
Minuses of the 1948-1949 Hudson Super Eight:
  • Scarce; hard to find
  • No "sporty" body styles
Production of the 1948 Hudson Super Eight:

Production of the 1949 Hudson Super Eight:

Specifications of the 1948-1949 Hudson Super Eight:
Length, inches: 207.5
Wheelbase, inches: 124.0
Weight, pounds: 3,495-3,550
Price, new: $2,245-$2,343 (U.S.)

for the 1948-1949 Hudson Super Eight:

sv I-8254 cid

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