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1946-1948 Chrysler Crown Imperial

The 1946-1948 Chrysler Crown Imperial is the largest and most impressive of the "harmonica-grille" postwar Chryslers. Built to the high fit-and-finish standard expected at the price, which was close to $5,000 new, quite a bit of dough in those days. Every bit the luxury cars the big Packard Customs and Cadillac Series Seventy-Fives were. All Crowns in this period offered eight-passenger seating, two extra persons were accommodated on fold-down jump seats. Plentiful room for all thanks to the long wheelbase.

Pluses of the 1946-1948 Chrysler Crown Imperial:

  • Chrysler's highest luxury in this period
  • Beautifully built, formal cars
  • Smooth L-head straight eight

Minuses of the 1946-1948 Chrysler Crown Imperial:

  • Ponderous road manners, so no picnic to drive
  • Fuel thirst
  • Too long for many garages (and some parking spaces)

Production of the 1946-1948 Chrysler Crown Imperial:

  • Sedans: 750
  • Limos: 650

Specifications of the 1946-1948 Chrysler Crown Imperial:
Length, inches: 234.8
Wheelbase, inches: 145.5
Weight, pounds: 4,814-4,875
Price, new: $3,875-4,767

Engines for the 1946-1948 Chrysler Crown Imperial

sv I-8 323.5 135 1946-48

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