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Classic & Collectible Packard Cars of the 1940s

The 1940s Classic Packard Cars Channel covers popular antique Packards from the decade. Take a look under the hoods of different 1940s classic Packard cars.

1940-1942 Packard One Twenty & Clipper One Twenty Convertibles

The 1940-1942 Packard One Twenty and Clipper One Twenty Convertibles offered classic lines and fine performance. Power was provided by a 282-cid straight eight engine that produced up to 125 horsepower. Learn more about this series.

1947 Packard Custom Super Clipper Touring Sedan

The 1947 Packard Custom Super Clipper was a postwar success for Packard. Learn why the 1947 Packard Custom Super Clipper pleased auto enthusiasts. See more »

1941-1947 Packard Clipper

The 1941-1947 Packard Clipper was in elite company, with a long list of pioneering features. Learn more about the 1941-1947 Packard Clipper. See more »

1940 Packard Darrin One-Eighty Victoria Convertible

The 1940 Packard Darrin One-Eighty Victoria Convertible ragtop was known as a status symbol. See photos and learn more about this sporty car. See more »

1948 Packard Vignale Convertible Coupe

Italian designer Alfredo Vignale used a Packard One Twenty chassis to create the 1948 Packard Vignale Convertible Coupe. Learn about this classic car. See more »

1948-1950 Packard Eight Station Sedan

The 1948 Packard Station Sedan truly began the post-war demise of Packard. Learn more about the 1948 Packard Station Sedan. See more »

1940 Packard One Twenty

The 1940 Packard One Twenty club sedan is a rare collectible due to low pre-World War II production. Explore features of the 1940 Packard One Twenty. See more »

1941 Packard One Eighty

The 1941 Packard One Eighty was available by special order and was custom-built by independent builders. Learn more about 1941 Packard One Eighty. See more »

1937-1947 Packard Six

The Packard Six was a mid-priced car that was just what the market was looking for. Find history and specifications for the 1937-1947 Packard Six. See more »

1940 Packard One Eighty

The 1940 Packard One Eighty served as the basis for the Darrin Victoria roadster. Learn more about the 1940 Packard One Eighty and its custom version. See more »

The 1940-1942 Packard Custom Super Eight 180 featured amazing styling plus super luxury. Find out more about this classic car at HowStuffWorks. See more »