The WWII era was a tumultuous time for car manufacturers, yet produced some truly exemplary models, including the Volkswagon Beetle, the Ford V-8 and the MG T series, among others
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The 1947-1948 Frazer Manhattan is a historically significant high-quality collectible car. It was the first entirely new postwar body style and boasted an unprecedented array of interior and exterior colors. Read more about this classic car.

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1947 Packard Custom Super Clipper Touring Sedan

The 1947 Packard Custom Super Clipper Touring Sedan was the first car Packard launched after World War II. The Super Clipper is respected as a top level luxury car, having attained Milestone status with the Milestone Car Society. Learn more about this classic.

1946-1948 Ford V-8 Super DeLuxe Sportsman

Ford's 1946-1948 V-8 Super DeLuxe Sportsman was an attractive car that's still coveted today. This was the most expensive Ford in these years and as such didn't sell too well, but today it has milestone car status. Learn more about this classic car.

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