The WWII era was a tumultuous time for car manufacturers, yet produced some truly exemplary models, including the Volkswagon Beetle, the Ford V-8 and the MG T series, among others
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The 1947 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible was the company's most popular model after World War II, accounting for two-thirds of Cadillac production in 1947. See pictures and learn why the 1947 Cadillac Series was so popular.

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1946-1986 Jeep CJ

The 1946-1986 Jeep CJ, originally designed for military use, is truly an all-American vehicle. With the possible exception of the Volkswagen Beetle, the Jeep CJ has the most recognized shape in the automotive world. Learn about this American classic.

1946 Chrysler Town & Country Hardtop

The 1946 Chrysler Town & Country Hardtop was the first pillarless hardtop coupe. It was generally known to Town & Country afficionados as 'The Wallace car.' See pictures and learn about the 1946 Chrysler Town & Country.

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