The WWII era was a tumultuous time for car manufacturers, yet produced some truly exemplary models, including the Volkswagon Beetle, the Ford V-8 and the MG T series, among others
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The 1940-1942 Chrysler New Yorker Highlander is one of the most interesting cars from this era. This car featured an eye-catching interior, a smooth ride, and overall riding comfort. See the 1940-1942 Chrysler New Yorker Highlander.

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1944 Ford GPW

A lesser-known jeep prototype, the extremely rare 1944 Ford GWP Military Jeep was made for the Army by Ford during World War II. The Ford prototype had the lowest Army road test scored but the company was capable of handling large production.

1947 Bentley Mark VI

The 1947 Bentley Mark VI Drophead Coupe combined the precise steering and good handling associated with the Bentley name, while the ride was up to Rolls-Royce standards. See photos and learn more about this 'silent sports car.'

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