1928 Mercedes-Benz SSK

The exhaust pipes exiting from the hood suggested power. And indeed, the 1928 Mercedes-Benz SSK was endowed with a seven-liter (431.4-cid) inline six. It boasted a single overhead cam, dual carburetors, and a Roots-type supercharger with a 10-psi boost.

©Sam Griffith

1927-1932 Mercedes S/SS/SSK/SSKL Specifications

The 1927-1932 Mercedes S/SS/SSK/SSKL were ultra fast, light cars. See specifications below.


Engine: ohv I-6, 431.4 cid/7,069 cc (3.94 × 5.9-in/100 × 150-mm bore × stroke), sohc, 2 updraft l-bbl M-B carburetors, 140 bhp @ 3,000 rpm; with Roots-type supercharger (8-psi boost): 200 bhp @ 3,000 rpm

Transmission: Non-synchro 4-speed manual; multi-dry-plate clutch

Chassis: Pressed-steel frame, channel-section side members, pressed or tubular cross members

Suspension, front and rear: Forged solid front axle, half-elliptic leaf springs front and rear, torque-tube rear axle, lever or friction shock absorbers

Brakes: Shaft-and-rod operated 4-wheel drum (vacuum assist opt.)

Tires: 6.50 × 20

Wheelbase (in.): 136

Overall length (in.): 185

Track, front and rear (in.): 58

Weight (lbs): approx. 2,800

0-60 mph (sec): 14-15

Top speed (mph): 115

Production: est. 109 SS; approx. 300 total S/SS/SSK/SSKL

*1928 27/140/200 SS

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