Mercer Raceabout interior

Befitting its dapper, driver-oriented attitude, the Raceabout was sparsely fitted, including even instrumentation, but a drum-type speedometer, odometer, and trip odometer were provided.

©Mike Mueller

1911-1915 Mercer Raceabout Model 35-R Specifications

The 1911-1915 Mercer Raceabout Model 35-R was developed for one purpose: speed. Of all its racetrack triumphs, however, an Indianapolis 500 victory would elude this fine car. Find specifications for the 1911-1915 Mercer Raceabout Model 35-R below:

Engine: T-head I-4, cast in pairs, 300 cubic inches (43/8 × 5-inch bore × stroke), 58 horsepower

Transmission: 4-speed, selective

Suspension, front: Rigid axle, semi-elliptic springs

Suspension, rear: Rigid axle, semi-elliptic springs

Brakes: Contracting; drum on driveshaft

Wheelbase (inches): 108

Weight (pounds): 2,850

Top speed (mph): 70-80

Production: Less than 1,000 from 1910-1915

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