WHAT'S INSIDE: 1900S-1920S

The 1900-1920s Classic Cars Channel contains articles about antique cars, including Chevys, Studebakers and DeSotos. Check out detailed information about 1900-1920s classic cars.

FEATURED: 1900S-1920S

The 1916 Chevrolet Series 490 was built to battle Ford's Model T. Cost and delivery time on the 490 were reduced because the car was built in franchised assembly plants. Learn about the 1916 Chevrolet Series 490, including pictures, prices and weight.

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1923-1927 Ford Model T

The 1923-1927 Ford Model T marked the end of a long run for the venerable classic. Ford was facing competition from Chevrolet, which left Ford with no choice but to make improvements to the car. Find out how competition forced Henry Ford to modify the Model T.

1927 Chevrolet Series AA Capitol

The 1927 Chevrolet Series AA Capitol shot Chevy to No. 1 in sales. The Capitol replaced the Superior line of models. Eight body styles made up the Capitol line of cars. Learn about the 1927 Chevrolet Series AA Capitol, including pictures and prices.


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