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The 1900-1920s Classic Cars Channel contains articles about antique cars, including Chevys, Studebakers and DeSotos. Check out detailed information about 1900-1920s classic cars.

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Be Your Own Mechanic

The 1915 Cadillac V-8, Type 51 blew past the six-cylinder engines of its competitors to lead a revolution. The V-8 was an unusual design for the time because many people had never seen that type of engine before. Learn about the 1915 Cadillac V-8.

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1911, 1912, 1913 Chevrolet Series C Classic Six

The 1911-1913 Chevrolet Series C Classic Six was the first Chevrolet model. The Series C was built as a rival to the Ford Model T. The car featured a 40 horsepower engine. Learn more about the Classic Six, including prices, pictures and weight.

1919 Chevrolet Series 490

The 1919 Chevrolet Series 490 enjoyed increased popularity. The 1919 design was not changed from the 1918 model because Chevy saw no need to alter a winning lineup. Find out more about the 1919 Chevrolet Series 490, including pictures, prices and weight.


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