WHAT'S INSIDE: 1900S-1920S

The 1900-1920s Classic Cars Channel contains articles about antique cars, including Chevys, Studebakers and DeSotos. Check out detailed information about 1900-1920s classic cars.
FEATURED: 1900S-1920S
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The 1911-1915 Mercer Raceabout Model 35-R was a sporty performance car built with speed in mind. This car was part of the brass-age era of car manufacturing, which makes this car highly desirable to collectors. Explore the Mercer Raceabout at HowStuffWorks.

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1924 Oakland 6-54A

The 1924 Oakland 6-54A Four-Passenger Coupe was advertised as the "True Blue Oakland Six." Oakland was the first car to use DuPont's Duco Satin Finish paint and featured four-wheel brakes. See pictures and read about this stunning coupe.

1917 Chevrolet Series D V-8

The 1917 Chevrolet Series D V-8 had Chevy's most powerful engine yet. The V-8 engine displaced 288 cubic inches and produced 55 horsepower. It was highly advanced in design. Learn about the 1917 Chevrolet Series D.

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