GMC Sierra Crew Cab

The GMC Sierra Crew Cab attracts thieves because of the cargo that is sometimes found in the truck's bed.

GM Corp.

In general, the number of theft claims for pickup trucks has been increasing every year since 2001 [source: Highway Loss Data Institute]. One explanation is that, as car manufacturers have been producing more feature-heavy, fully loaded trucks, they've become more valuable to thieves [source: Onishi]. The GMC Sierra Crew Cab, with its standard satellite radio, chrome fenders, and optional DVD player and Bluetooth system, can be stripped for some valuable parts [source: General Motors]. Also, like other pickups, the Sierra attracts thieves because of the goods that can sometimes be found in the cargo bed. Expensive tools, furniture and construction materials often in the beds of the trucks can be easily sold to add to the illegal profits [source: Highway Loss Data Institute]. Those added claims for insurance companies also result in pickup trucks like the Sierra having some of the highest insurance claims for theft. For every 1,000 Sierras being driven in 2010, 6.7 were driven off by thieves [source: CNN Money].