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Top 10 Stolen Cars of 2010

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GMC Yukon XL
GMC Yukon XL
GMC Yukon XL
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SUVs like the Yukon have long dominated the annual list of the most stolen vehicles. But in the last few years, other classes of automobiles have begun to take spots on the list alongside sports utility vehicles, including heavy-duty trucks, sedans and coupes [source: Highway Loss Data Institute]. While SUVs still represent some of the most stolen cars, fewer SUVs have been stolen annually in recent years than in the past. In 1998, almost five out of every 1,000 SUVs in the country were reported stolen. But by 2008, only about 2.4 of every 1,000 SUVs were stolen [source: Highway Loss Data Institute]. Slumping sales of SUVs in recent years could be one explanation [source: Durbin]. The SUV class was still popular enough among thieves to get the Yukon a spot on the list, though. In 2010, six of every 1,000 late model Yukons on the road were reported to insurance companies as stolen [source: CNN Money]. And with standard features like a Bose nine-speaker stereo system, XM radio, multiple air bag systems and a 5.3L V8 engine, it's no wonder [source:].


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