Will there be a new kind of taxicab in the future?
Will there be a new kind of taxicab?

Will a vehicle like this replace the current taxicab design?

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Major cities need taxis. That's rather obvious, right? If you live in a crowded urban environment, then you already know the value of those yellow cars that fill the streets. Sure, there are times when they may get on your nerves (especially when you can't seem to get one to stop to pick you up); however, they do serve a purpose. Unlike the public bus system or the subway, taxis have the mobility required to take you exactly where you want to go. And unless you're sharing a cab, you won't be crammed up against a complete stranger. Yes, taxis can be invaluable when you don't have your own vehicle yet you still need to get around town.

But what about some of the negative factors in the taxicab equation? What about the countless hours of idling that a taxicab endures each day? Remember, because of the environment that they operate in, they often sit in gridlock traffic spewing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions for hour after hour each day. In fact, when you really think about it, taxicabs have a huge impact on the air quality in the towns that they operate in. So what's the solution?

That's why we posed the following question: Will there be a new kind of taxicab in the future?

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