Is there a way to create an all-electric car you don't have to plug in?
No-plug all-electric car

An all-electric car that you don't plug in? So where does it get its power?


For nearly a decade, we've all heard how gas-electric hybrid cars are the greatest thing on the road. And maybe they are -- for now, anyway. While we can't (nor do we really want to) deny some of the outstanding benefits of these efficient little cars (they do provide a significant reduction in fossil-fuel consumption), they still require a trip to the gas station to get us where we're going. If you drive a hybrid vehicle, you may not find yourself standing in front of the fuel pump quite as frequently, but eventually you end up right there alongside the rest of us.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could own and drive a car that never had to be filled up at the pump? They already have vehicles like that, right? An all-electric car, you say? Well, when you drive an all-electric car, you're still faced with finding a place to plug-it-in to recharge the onboard battery system. As of now, in most places around the world, that's no simple task. But what if you didn't have to recharge the batteries? What if you didn't have to plug in your all-electric car? Wouldn't that be an interesting vehicle to own?

That's why we wanted to know: Is there a way to create an all-electric car you don't have to plug in?

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